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It's frickin' warm out there.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Feels good though! 8-[

    Hopefully the profuse sweating will break in my jacket a little faster… or maybe just make it smell bad.

  2. I reckon, and why are bike seats black??

    Talk about roast nuts when you sit on the bike even after parking the bike for 10 mins.
  3. would you rather sweat or bleed? :p
  4. Sheeeeeeit. The F4i was idling around 105°, and that's a lot of heat between the legs when you're sitting at a light.
  5. What if I bled sweat, or began to sweat blood? :LOL:
  6. You would either be very metal or a religious figure of some description. Either way, it would be a nightmare to wash your clothes.
  7. I nearly passed out on the way home this afternoon from the old pac. Need to get used to it!
  8. hotter today and its only 9:22am!
  9. Cool change is coming in later. Hope we get some rain its blood dry here.
  10. Duck home for a swim at lunch time, I reckon.
  11. Yep its hot, and you know what that means! The SQUIDs are out!

  12. oh those silly sausages....

  13. I've just come back from a run around the Tan. 35 degrees, 4kms, sweating like a pig - priceless!
  14. Yesterday at Kiama, temp would have been low-mid 20's depending on where the clouds were relative to sun, with a fresh sea breeze blowing reasonably strong. Didnt change much between 11-2:30. Head to Berry, 30+ and steamy as anything.
  15. Fk summer. Autumn and Spring are the best times of the year in terms of a warmth/discomfort balance.
  16. .... 45 degrees (according to the thermo) in my back yard at the moment!!.... melt!! :(
  17. Just had a look at the weather radar and I'm tipping I'll have a wet bum and a dirty bike by the time I get home this arvo. It'll be humidity plus in the leather jacket too....but I'd rather cook than squid.
  18. last 10 days for me have been between 42-46 degrees. not fun......not fun at all.
  19. yep im hopeing the rain holds off untill about 5:30 in melb as i dont really wanna get wet on the ride home
  20. I've never ridden in the rain, so it will be interesting if it does!

    I don't mind getting wet though.