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its finished

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by brickr34, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. well after a month of waiting for bits and a week of nights in the shed its finally ready, going down to put rego on it next week. im a little disappointed i didnt get the tank painted to suit but after 6 years without a bike i just cant wait that long. first pic is the day i picked it up


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  2. Hey, that cleaned up nice! Well done.
  3. The flames don't do it for me at all. Very tacky. But, then again, you'll be going so fast on that thing that nobody will be able to see anyway!!

    Perhaps you could give us a blow-by-blow as to how you got it back into shape?

  4. ...and budget?

    Looks good, I'm a bit so-so about the flames too, but it's not our bike so who cares?

    Nice work, enjoy it!
  5. it owes me $3000 as it sits, i guess you have to be into the flame thing but i love it, i dont think i will carry it onto the tank just black with the suzuki logo and maybe the orange at the bottom of the tank still, not sure yet.
  6. well done!

    The tank doesn't look too outta place anyway. Nice job :grin:
  7. Unreal mate! Your an insperation that looks sick.

    Where di you get the fairings? and how much did they set you back??
  8. i got it from a place in hong kong called bliss-star, you can find them on ebay. it was $600 landed, its plastic and comes painted with any stlye of graphics you want. You just have to pay attention when fitting it, eg the holes are predrilled but need resizing to fit rubber grommits but for the price you cant complain
  9. i dont mind the flames but you shouldve left the tupperware off.
  10. heh heh, notice the different height of the bushes over the fence :LOL: .....
  11. =D>

    nice looking bike there :)
  12. well i now have rego, i must say its great to be back on a bike. just need to organise a track day to open it up
  13. Gees you knocked that up quick! When did you pick it up again?
  14. I picked it up on the 6th 0f feb, would have got it going sooner though i had a few delays ordering things out of the states