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Its finally here!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hughhurst1990, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. The Yamaha YZF-R125!!!!



    I wish I was a learner right now because I would get one of these things.

    For $7k it's a bargain. It's fuel injected and looks AWESOME! Reports from Europe say it looks like an R6 from a distance. I dunno how well it would pull but I reckon it would be a GREAT learner bike.
  2. 7k on road?
  3. You can get a hyosung GT250R for $7000. You can get a kawasaki 250R for $7500.

    It only looks good, you'd be daft to buy one over a CBF250, or even a scorpio.

    Buying one would be a terrible mistake.
  4. it surprisingly looks good! heaps better than a CBR125

    but LOL 7K who are they kidding, only a ****head would pay that! high weight (for a bicycle) and max power @ 9000rpm is going to be as fun as riding a pogo stick for a daily commute.... i'd just buy a postie and upgrade asap
  5. It does look quite good. But if I was spending that kind of money on a learner sports bike I'd still go for the ninja 250 for sure.
  6. No, 4k rideaway would be a bargain. 7k is pretty ridiculous considering its the direct competitor of the cbr125r, which can be had for 4-4500 new.

    Even if it handles like nothing else, the crappy amount of power from the 1cyl 4stroke 125 motor will likely ruin the overall package. If it was 2 stroke on the other hand (read; double the power), it'd be pretty awesome.

    $7k is a rip IMO, its the definition of RICE.
  7. Heh, they put it in the super sport Section. Somebody at Yamaha has a sense of humour.

  8. no thats right

    @ 9000rpm 15hp

    @ 108,000rpm 180hp

    just like big bro
  9. Now, if they put in the motor from Yammie's own 250 motard....
  10. What an overpriced piece of kit.
  11. what? 50metres away and squint your eyes...cooool
    Then get bitterly disappointed as you realise you've just forked out $7.5k for a pushbike with plastic bits?
  12. Some people, esp some females, genuinely find after experience that they have a preference for such small bikes, that the bikes suit them better. My partner just wants to ride the SR185 now, won't even let me trade it for an SR250 because of the size difference. Anybody who refuses to accept the legitimacy of that is simply blinkered. But yeah, I agree with the opinions here, this thing is rice-a-rama for a plainly stupid price. (Heck, I'm riding around on a $2.7k Hornet 600!) Get a used Ninja 250 for almost half the price if you look around privately!
  13. I'd get one, you could build a lawn mower out of the engine once you get bored.
  14. lol.. this has to be a joke, you could pick up an almost new 250 for the same price, and it will only be about 20kgs heavier, and have more performance the same handling and a rear tyre that doesn't look like its from a bmx bike... (VTR250, GPX250, Ninja250, etc).
  15. im pretty sure this thing isnt as bad as the cbr125 i ride lol.
    the tire is a 130 rear compared to the 100/110(not sure) of the honda.
    still, if i had my cash again, i reckon it would be a good deposit on a new ninja
  16. :rofl: Gold (y)
  17. Good thing most of us are in drought. Wouldn't want to much grass to grow...
  18. do pedals come standard, or are they optional?

    for $7k there are loads of excellent second hand bikes you can get, or you will go most of the way to paying for a pretty decent new bike (GS500, ninja 250). But as mattb says there is a market for these size bikes, im just not sure if there is a market for the price tag that goes along with it.
  19. Bet it will still sell.
  20. I don't understand. With the excellent fairings and great designs of these bikes, why don't Yamaha and Honda just put 250's in the bike. Raise the price a grand and sell for 8 grand. They would sell more, and they would ultimately be better bikes.