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It's finally here - 2013 Street Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Azzab, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. She says yep, go for it!
  2. I just showed her, she said youre going to get a smacked bottom if you keep it up haha.
  3. Changing from under-seat exhausts is an improvement I think.

    Although like 99.9% of bikes the OEM mufflers look terrible and would need to be changed
  4. i would be camping out over night to get it with that on offer
  5. Very nice, curious to see the new Daytona release :D
  6. Hate it. Looks like a low spec, cheap, generic Japanese naked bike. New subframe doesn't suit the rest of the bike.

    The first series of Street Triple was a good looking thing...they've only gone backwards since.
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  7. also not liking it, front end looks disconnected and pipes, yuk
  8. -1, don't like it, while I don't mind the kind of weird design of the pipes, switching from underseat sucks. Always liked it on these bikes. Ah well, they had a good what, 5 years? :p
  9. Looks like a cheap Japanese bike. Although they have finally done a product upgrade in its maturity stage so they are heading in the right direction even thought many people may not like it.
  10. Who thought the dodgy logo would look good that big on the tank? Give me a small metallic logo badge anyday over some 7 year old dated graphic design exercise.
  11. I like the upgrades to the specifications they have made such as ABS, fuel guage etc but much prefer the high mount pipes of the current range. It's one of the things that makes the bike what it is. Swing arm on the current model is also much nicer.

    Glad I got the MY12 model but still wouldn't rule out the new model further down the track.

    BTW, how much quicker do you need the steering to be? It's already one of the most agile bikes around.

  12. I'm another one that reckons the front end looks ordinary. Get the Brutale 675. Probably has a few more ponies as well as looking heaps better.
  13. I loved the underseat pipes. Now, as everyone said, it just looks a cheap jap naked. .
  14. Still got the best engine in it's class by a country mile though. I guess we shouldn't forget that....
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  15. Not to mention I imagine it will still wheelie and stoppie into the sunset no worries :)
  16. I reckon the 08 triumphs were the best for styling. They've slowly tried to make them look more Japanese each "update". If you want that look get an FZ1 which as far as I know stands over it in the engine department.
  17. On the whole I don't mind it, but I do agree the logo dose look wrong especially with the lighting they have used and the shape of the tank, it looks like it’s been just been stuck on by a blind monkey.
  18. Being an R1 derived 1000cc - I should bloody well hope so too!
  19. Hmm, yeah, not a huge fan of the underslung muffler. I know the whole point of the Speed and Street Triple bikes is to make a factory-built streetfighter of contemporary sportsbikes (thus getting rid of the 1990s twin round GSXR headlights and adding the new angular headlights to mimic sportsbikes of the 2000's), but surely the first thing everyone building a streetfighter does is discard the huge EURO4 under-bike factory exhaust and put on a sleeker under-bike GP pipe!