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It's either the bike or the wife

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. or she is the biggest ballbreaker known to man
  2. Perhaps! He said he rides it once a month to get away from her :rofl: Wonder if he goes for a week long ride?

    Poor fella, hope he can find a new once a month hobby!
  3. Umm no. I think I can confidently put my hand up to claim that one. My difference is that I have my bike. You work out the rest.
  4. That bloke needs to grow some balls.

    Selling his Ducati will be the first step in that process.
  5. wouldn't selling a Ducati to keep a wife be like selling a cow to buy some milk?

    the Ducati would help him find another wife! (and maybe a mistress or two)
  6. Either he aint sharing or she is a ballbuster - its a sad day when you have to sell your pride and joy to placate the other half.

    Moral of the story, find a more understanding other half lol
  7. My girlfriend forbade me for years to get a bike, saying she would leave.
    So after a while I decided to call her bluff and bought a bike. Now she says she wants me to buy a bigger, noisier one so people in cars can't help but notice me :grin:

    Triumph here I come.
  8. Everyone likes a Rocket :grin:
  9. A lot of my partners friends are suprised that she let me get a bike. She wasn't too keen on it, but once I bought my 2 piece leather suit she changed her mind :)

    Surely if she loved him she wouldn't deny him the pleasures of motorcycling. Damn B#$^@! who does she think she is :evil:
  10. Obviously the one holding his balls in her handbag
  11. I think this is what he means. :wink:

    Keep it clean! :p
  12. more than that, no doubt :p
  13. once sold a bike to keep my wife happy.

    3 months later the biatch left me anyways :shock:

    it was a couple of years b4 I got another one.

    keep the bike............. you might as well be happy mate


  14. I was referring to the Triumph Rocket III O:) But we know what you had in mind - busted lol
  15. she's lucky she's not my wife
    i'd have sold her into prostitution for an 1198r
  16. The secret to a happy marriage is find a compromise where everyone is happy.

    My wife lives 50km away and the bike lives with me. Everyone is happy.
  17. here's a test.
    lose the wife. :grin:
  18. More like the Triumph Speedmaster for me, I would feel dwarfed by a Rocket III :grin:
  19. Maybe the wife is heiress to a fortune and on her death bed, and when she drops, he'll go buy a Ducati in every colour.