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It's decided

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Matt250R, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. 2008 R6, I can't wait, I'm so excietd, I'm going to get a powercommander and get some time on the dyno, I'm going to love it so much, sexy machine!

  2. Well that's an upgrade and a half!
  3. I've lost sleep over which bike to go to next, I saw the pics of the "08 R6, read all the specs and I just knew.
  4. The 08 R6/R1 are very sexy looking bikes.

    Unfortunately, I dont like the riding position.
  5. Good stuff. Congrats on the new beast.. :twisted:
  6. That's a manly step up from a 2fiddy. Good luck and I'd recommend you spend some additional cash on a riding course such as the Superbike school, HART (which is better than Superbike school for day to day riding skills such as emergency braking) or another reputable instructor. It's money well spent and you will enjoy the bike more.
  7. Waiting to see the colour schemes for the 08 R1. It is exactly the same as this years model, but hopefully they bring out the red one!

    The R6 looks great in the blue with gold rims. It will have the same technology as the current R1 as well.

    Might pick one up and have a play! :grin: