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Its Christmas not Xmas FFS

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. I don't know about you guys but I am sick of Christmas being called Xmas. I am sick of this political correctness bullsh*t edging its way into our society. To be frank, in my opinion if you dont like Dec 25th being called Christmas because it offends you then you can get the f^%k out of Australia.

    Also whats this crap I hear about "Ho Ho Ho" being banned? If you really think that degrades women you should get the f*&k out too we don't need you here.

    End honest and truthful rant.
  2. I agree with you, but I suspect for different reasons.
  3. I think for most people it's Xmas because we are too lazy to type Christmas, just like you have typed FFS instead of the full words.
  4. Now THERE'S a 'touche' to end all touches :LOL:.
  5. My post wasn't targetting your post and I agree that if its just to shorten it thats okay, I can't stand when people do it so they "don't offend" and I fear it will get worse
  6. i reckon everyone should get the f**k out, that way i wouldnt have to debate with anyone! :grin:

    seriously dood, ten deep breaths and perhaps half an hour of yoga should make you feel better :p :p
  7. I'm 40. I know, scary isn't it? For as long as I can remember, the short form of Christmas has been Xmas. I don't think it has any PC connotations.

    As for people not wanting to offend, that's their right.

    Just be grateful no one types in SMS here, now that really would be shite.
  8. y u say dat cj?
  9. Cejay, your 40. Damn your old. :LOL: :LOL:

    I too wish every1 would get out, that way I would have all the twisty roads to myself and wouldnt have to share the Spur with those stupid sightseers.
  10. There was a Futurama episode about this.

    Personally, I hate nearly everything about Christmas - the crowds, the music, the fact that nothing is on TV, not to mention everybody pretending to be happy when really they are all about to snap. But nothing quite pisses me off more than everybody spelling Christmas "XMAS". With the way it is promoted and celebrated, the least people can do is go to the effort to add those extra five letters.

    I'm with you robbied.
  11. Isn't the X the Greek initial for christ or something along those lines. I think we should move it back to the 22 where the winter solstice belongs.
  13. I have a rather large "anti-sms-type" button and I'm by no means afraid to use it.
  14. Or, if indeed it IS about Jesus Christ, somewhere closer to when He WAS born, say April-May??? After all, it snows in Bethlehem in December, and ony the stupidist of shepherds would have been abiding in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night at that time of year.....
  15. We're not gonna start on the bible again are we?
  16. I disagree with OP for a different reason.

    I think keeping Christ out Xmas is definately a step in the right
    direction, & should remain as such because of its pagan origins.
  17. Don't forget nicking the Spring Equinox for Easter because everyone knows the Easter Bunny helped carry the cross and gave the Roman's their eggs.
  18. Those are very interesting links MG, I didn't really know that it has pagan origins.

    Im not pissed off with people because they take Christ out of the word but because they are offended by Australian traditions and PC takes over.
  19. All I can say is after 17 years in retail....

    there is nothing fun about Xmas (Christmas) :p
  20. xmas is just as much fun as an xmissus.
    loooove living in tourist town :mad: