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(It's been done before) but Striple vs streetfighter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by suzi, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Hi, just wondering anyone's thoughts on suitability of either the street triple or duc 848 streetfighter for a gixxer 600 rider who is looking for a more comfortable bike.

    I don't want anything that may have unpredictable or aggressive power delivery (but can still bring a smile to your face) and is not top-heavy. I haven't got the opportunity to test ride either of these bikes as there are no demo's available at the moment in my vacinity, so just gathering information/specs until the opportunity arises. I have sat on the Striple and size/height/weight is fine. I've just drooled over pictures of the Duc ...

  2. depends - are you hot??
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  3. oh...and because it's your first post and you've failed to introduce yourself i'll ask again

    ....Are you hot?

    ....do you have a picture to prove it?
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  4. Crisis is now happy, he got in first again lol.
    Cant help you with either question, but i can give you a big bat with which to beat up Crisis :p.
    Good luck making the choice!
  5. or she can just upload a pic so i can have a bat myself *shrugs*
  6. :LOL:No I'm cold at the moment. No I don't have a picture and where the hell is Penrith???:confused:
  7. BTW I am Suzi and I ride a gixxer 600.:biker:
  8. Thank you for the offer of the bat Mr Messy but I don't think I'd be able to locate him to use it!:beer:
  9. St3 vs SF....

    One leaks oil the other the rider leaks coffee out their pores.
  10. penrith is in sydney - where are you from suzi *Raises eyebrow*
  11. South Australia.
  12. I reckon you might like to also check out the Brutale 675. Would meet your criteria well.
  13. Never ridden an 848 so can't comment. But I can vouch for the StripleR being a comfrtable bike, good progressive power deliver and a great handling bike. No surprises with it, just big smiles.
    With the 848, I can only go off my 1098. So down low will be a bit pigish being a L twin with reasonable size cams, should be failry torquey, probably still have a heavy clutch, probably not quite as comfortable either.
  14. Thank you. I've yet to read a bad review of either bike but the Striple seems to be the favorite among riders who post on various forums in response to articles reviewing test-rides. I hadn't considered the Brutale but the riding stance is more aggressive isn't it? I'm trying to be practical but you can't beat the Duc for looks..... :LOL:
  15. I've ridden both, the Triumph is a better bike all round except for (subjectively) looks and sound. That said, if they were both the same price I'd get the Ducati...
  16. If I had the budget to consider either, I more than suspect I'd go for the 848.
  17. Thanks for your reply. In what ways it the Striple better?:confused:
  18. The Triumph is just really easy to ride. Power delivery is predictable yet fun, no jerkiness/lumpiness with the throttle, nice and upright seating position, handles well, instrumentation is nice and clear, etc. The only criticism I have is that it is probably too good, so if it'll be a weekend bike you might want something with more character.

    The Ducati looks horn, sounds horn, requires more concentration, doesn't make a good daily rider (on/off clutch, etc), but is still a good handling bike. You'd need a bit of time in the saddle to master it whereas you can hop on the Triumph and thrash it with confidence straight away. It turns a lot of heads when you're on the street, in comparison no one notices the Triumph (which can be preferable). Costs a bomb too ($20500 rideaway in Melbourne).

    If you're buying with your head the Triumph is a no-brainer, if the heart were to choose then you'd probably ride home on the Duc.
  19. Ever since I bought mine in 2008 I've wanted to hunt down the idiot who came up with 'striple' and poke them in the eye.
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