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It's been a while since I visited Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cleo, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody,

    My first time back in AGES. And what's changed?
    There's a women's forum?? WHY?? Aren't we allowd to talk to the guys anymore?

    Another question... what's with the Twitter feed for Netrider?
    Doesn't seem to be much action there... I'm guessing members are not socially engaged via all forms of social media? Facebook sucks... I only use it if I have to.
    Doesn't anyone here send tweets whilst mid-ride in their helmets?
    Someone reassure me that there are some technologically adept people around here!

    Final Q... is there a Netrider APP for this new-fangled web site? Would save me having to login.

    I know... whinge, whinge, whine, whine... but, seriously... welcome to the 2010s...

    Cleo... 3:)
  2. G'day, slip over and let us know what the girls are up to. Can't answer any of your other questions, way too technical for me.
  3. Ah, Cleo, Cleo, Cleo....don't be too loud about the women's forum or you'll get in trouble..

    ......as I did.

    Hmmm, a kindred spirit?
  4. Hey Greydog... I just don't see why men and women are segregated on Netrider now. Were the women pissing the guys off?
    I used to think that was the fun part of coming to Netrider... ALL sharing info, stories, advice, etc.
    What's with that?

  5. Did you get into trouble blonde dog, surely not ;)
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  6. There's no specific app but a few use Tapatalk
  7. We aren't actually segregated, it's just so we can't lasciviously watch the pillow fights anymore.

    Blabbs did give it a go though.
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  8. You should see what get posted in the men's forums !
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  9. Hey, if there WAS a men's forum, I'd be a happy girl. There should be one; you could call it "The Man Cave."

    No, not segregated, just somewhere for women to have a little cry. I don't get it either, but most seem to like it, although Dog knows they hardly use it. And most of the stuff on there really isn't "female related" anyway.

    Blabbs wasn't the only one, plenty of guys with female member partners have seen it. The ones I've spoken to weren't very impressed :yawn:.
  10. welcome back so if you have been here before but not in ages should I be asking, are you still hot? or because I cant remember the first time :] are you hot
    as for the rest of your questions cant offer much technical help I get excited when I turn on my computer correctly :wacky:
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  11. Wasn't that forum just something that someone made to replicate the female toilet in a web-based format? You know, somewhere to escape from the wolf-like packs of testosterone-charged men, asking the women "are you hot?" Apparently some women don't like being asked if they're hot!
  12. Hey babe, they have the girls section so they can all have a cry because uncle greg is already taken
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  13. Back off @Greydog@Greydog! He's mine! :roflmao:
  14. Of course I am... what a silly question. sheesh...
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  15. Hey, you've got someone; don't be greedy!
  16. Uncle Greg knows how to keep em keen...
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  17. I'll race you for him! Oh wait a minute... I'm not allowed to ride for another seven weeks, and I'm not allowed to think about running for at least a week... Crap! I think I just forfeited him to you... Oh well, he wasn 't that good anyway: he doesn't have any boobs to keep me entertained! ;)
  18. welcome back Cleo and yes 'stud muffin' Unclegreg is every womans dream!! Just ask him, he doesnt lie!! really truelly
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  19. Wait-what? Girls only section? Where's that!?