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It's been a long time...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MarkP58, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, my intro...
    Passed my bike test in Merthyr Tydfil in 1975, the only day it rained that summer. Enjoyed almost 20 years on bikes, fond memories of the Severn Bridge on my Z500A, funny when the road moves under you, that's suspension bridges!
    Been in Sydney nigh on 20 years, time to return to two wheels. Personal gear bought, care of Bikebiz, very pleased with the quality, nothing like the old days. Great discounts with these guys, even on the lid.
    Pre-learner trainer booked, earliest is late November in Loftus. Haven't investigated whether I could transfer my UK paper bike licence, but I am not phased with going through the hoops again. Must admit though I am not looking forward to the trips down to Kangaroo Valley given that until I get that full licence I am likely to be a traffic hazard given 110kph tends to be slow on the Hume.
    I have homed in on the XVS650 Classic as my potential machine, so plenty if time to buy it. Just in time for Christmas, so kids will be getting my bike orientated wish-list!
    Impressed with the NR site, especially the positive attitudes of the posters. I can see I will be exploring further, thanks for having me.

  2. Welcome enjoy your rebirth.
  3. Welcome back , Mark !
  4. Welcome Mark.
    I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the changes in 'motorcycling' especially as a returning rider.
    Your info about the upgrade in rider's gear, reminded me of the days l thought a pair of overalls made me sh*t hot in the safety stakes.
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  5. you sure we are on the same site? welcome mate
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  6. Welcome back to the fold mate(y)
  7. My first boots were steel toe cap industrial boots, probably better suited to deep sea diving, denim jacket and open-face helmet. Full face were new in the 70''s, my first was a Kangol, it was Orange, huge and heavy. Reckon it saved my life though.
  8. Welcome, boyo! Don't worry, your skills will come back pretty quickly, just be aware that the modern bike has much better power than the Z500 (my first four cylinder bike back in 1980!) and that the modern tyres have way better grip than the old Avons and Dunlops!
  9. Picked up my XVS650, with bike trailer yesterday. Very pleased with the purchase, seller included some good extras. With my rider training test six weeks away, I searched Netrider forums, then the NSW RMS (RTA) website and am hoping with the 2002 rule changes that I can get my UK rider licence transferred to my NSW licence. Anything to avoid displaying plates. If it works I will still do the rider test, but would be able to get some practice in first.
  10. The most difficult thing in the test on an xvs650 is the U turn given the length of the bike and the rake of the front forks. It takes a bit of practice but it's do-able. Plenty of rear brake, revs and clutch work. I chalked out two u turn bays to the right size in a deserted car park about 10m apart and did laps, going around in a loop. Note that you only need to know how to do a u turn turning right to pass the test!
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  11. Thanks for the tip, can't beat big empty car parks, that's how I did my first practices in the 70's. Quite a rare manoeuvre, for me, a U turn, what's wrong with riding a few more kilometres in a big circle to achieve the same thing! Seriously though, I will take on board any advice, I found the "twist of the wrist Ii" on another thread, watched the first 45 minutes last night, good clever video, will get a copy to watch on the TV. Given I will be doing the hairpins from Fitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley quite a lot, up and down, they are going to be a challenge to conquer.

    RMS came good, they had an initial problem identifying my red paper (1980) UK bike licence, as genuine. $24 later, I had R added to my NSW car licence, whoo hoo. It then took longer to rego etc the XVS650, not forgetting to add the rego to my Roam account.

    So, first ride this afternoon, 135k's to Kangaroo Valley. A little windy on the Hume and great once I took the back road around Mittagong to bypass it, and Bowral. The sweeping bends were good practice and the descent through six hairpins into KV was straightforward. So pleased I wasn't speed limited on this trip and didn't have to display the L or P plates, the cages seemed to leave me alone. The bike felt good on all the different road types and I kept it on the speed limit on every road without any dramas. One very small mini roundabout where I had to exit at 3oclock was a challenge and one if the KV hairpins, but Tone2's advice was timely.

    Can't wait for the trip back to Sydney at the end of the week.... Pub tonight, it's walking distance!
  12. I've done the 135 kilometre trip to KAngaroo Valley a few times now. Taken off the pillion seat and back-rest and use an over the shoulder satchel for odds and ends. I have found that the bike behaves better with the wind on the Hume with just me on it! Thinking of changing the seat though, bike came with an airhawk and a lambs wool cover; tried all combinations, the airhawk does prevent the numb-bum but spoils the line of the bike. Anyone recommend a non-stock seat?