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It's back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by qbnspeedfreak, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. after much anticipation, and a 3 hour flogging of the triton through a storm to get home, my firestorm is finally all back together, just waiting for my new front guard to arrive.


  2. Oh mad :grin: Can't wait to see it next week.
  3. just dont look to closely at the paint on the fairing :LOL: done a temporary job to cover up the repairs
  4. You know thats the first thing i'm gonna look at now :p
  5. good stuff James !
    keep her upright now this time !!!

  6. lol yeah i'm thinking tec might be a good position for the ride to eden :LOL:
  7. very pretty bike bike james
  8. it was much prettier before my first big ride on it and then the trip to bright

    but thanks stump
  9. But now its... unique
  10. awesome one mate!!! looks good

  11. yeah the gaffa tape on the front guard makes a world off difference pretty sure it added 30hp too :p :LOL:
  12. oh, you dont want them being too pretty. a pretty thing like that can get herself into all kinds of trouble.
  13. thats why it looked like this for nearly 4 weeks :LOL:

    don't the new pipes just make all the difference?
  14. yeah, that thing on the back makes her bum look big

  15. yeah but good for touring havent ridden it since the start of the month so hadn't take it off, i will be like a little kid with a new toy again tomorrow, hope it doesnt rain again
  16. Looking good qbn .... :cool:

    What pipes?
  17. old pipes note the height


    new pipes well new second handers

  18. Mmmm new pipes look good :grin:
  19. :WStupid: ... haha.

  20. yes now i just gotta cut away the rear guard :grin: