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It's Back!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mattb, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Not new, but born again. I took my 1978 Yamaha SR500 for a nice little test-ride this afternoon, involving pleasant hills and gravel roads. She rode beautifully, gripping the dirt like tar on those Dunlop K70s.




    To re-iterate the story: in May 2009 I rode to Bendigo with QuarterWit, where the drive shaft stripped itself. In September I took my Rudd money and bought a grey-import engine, which bolted and plugged straight in. QuarterWit and I went for a ride and, apart from feeling a bit lean, and the headlight dying as I rounded a corner that night at 80kph, the bike felt good. But the following week it manifested an ugly out-of-tune-ness due to differences in the engines. While sscratching my head about this, I went to Vic Roads to ask why I was being charged twice for the 'safety' levy, and they explained my bike was not registered for the road but for recreational use only. I'd been commuting on it for three years. I couldn't afford to re-register it (which I had to do, despite it being their fault), and with that pecunary suffery state continuing due to the getting of a wife, the bike remained unregistered. I became so frustrated with the ongoing saga of the SR that I decided to sell it, offered it to Devery (on here), then withdrew the offer because I couldn't go through with it - the decent money it is worth (about $4k) is nothing compared to the joy of riding this thing. So slowly this year I have scraped and done little things to the bike so I could get a road worthy certificate. A few weeks ago I was able to get that. Then I went back to Vic Roads, struggled to have them not accidentally put me back on recreational rego, and with the administrator reviewing the old record and announcing that I'd also been overcharged for my registration for those three previous years (with a grin that said, but that's all water under the bridge ain't it!) the bike was registered last Friday. Now I'm back, after 15 months, to the world of SR adventures. Back to my love-hate bi-polar obsession.
  2. Congrats on struggling on and getting to this point, I'm sure the resultant lunatic grin is in some way proof that it was all worth it.
  3. I love stories like that.. I love the bike too, well done for keeping it, enjoy the back country.
  4. I'm somewhat jealous.
  5. I LOVE the look of the SR-500 (y)
  6. Hmmm I wonder what that would look like with a high level exhaust?
  7. I've wondered that too :) I was going to work toward a 50s road bike look, but at the moment, with the saddle bags having been removed for the RWC, I'm digging the crew-cut scrambler vibe.
  8. Now that is a great looking bike. I don't think I'd have been able to sell it either. A lot of vintage character there. Just not too sure about the spokes - is that the original look?

    BTW, also great great photography.
  9. The mags are stock...and about one of the most unwanted items around. Many people change them to XT or XS parts, and Yamaha themselves changed to spokes a short few years on. I used to hate them, but I've talked myself into liking them. They'll certainly be important if I ever get around to fitting that SR sidecar I've got in the backyard.

    Believe it or not, I once read a fantastic bike rebuild thread on another aussie forum, of a 50s Norton, but half way through the fellow went and had 80s Jap crappy mags custom fitted!!!! :0
  10. Nice looking bike matt. My old man is after one of these bikes as he's always loved them. But he wants the wire spoked rims, he said the US models came with them I think?

    Let me know if you here of any other one going cheap anywhere, thought it won't happen for a couple more months as he's in Europe atm.