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VIC It's back - really bad TAC advert back on air

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. You all may recall the really bad TAC advert from a couple of years ago - the one with the bike that mysteriously flings its rider off at the end...

    This one

    Well it's back on air again. I saw it twice last night.

    Here is what Chris Lowe, the Direct Creative Director at Lowe Sydney had to say on the media website Mumbrella:

    “It looks like the TAC doesn’t care for motorcyclists: it doesn’t feel like an ad from an organisation with riders’ interests at heart. It puts motorcyclists in the same bucket as drink-drivers and drug abusers. And because it doesn’t engage its audience in a positive way, it’s already failed.

    Motorcyclists, instead of being receptive to critical safety messages, are ostracised. And car drivers, whose attitudes towards two-wheelers of any description are notoriously negative, are now given official sanction to believe that all motorcyclists are hoons or speed freaks.”

    My comments...

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  2. Sadly the bike that highsides and flings it's rider is a '98 VFR800, mine has never done that to me?????

    Wankers, I hate that ad
  3. And about the actual efficacy of this shock horror style!

    Effective and ineffective use of fear in health promotion campaigns - a paper publ;ished in the American Journal of Public Health had this to say:

    Campaigns which attempt to use fear as part of a punishment procedure are unlikely to succeed.

    Rather ironic in some ways to be able to quote from this paper and refer to a "road safety" advert - considering the author is someone NSW riders may recognise.
  4. Yet! We all know it's just waiting for the right van. :)
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  5. It's a shockingly stupid ad that the TAC believe was rider tested and gives the right message. BULLSHIT. The ad is an appeal to rider friends and family, to invoke IGNORANT peer pressure onto motorcycle riders.

    Is it any feckin wonder that riders universally believe that TAC and Vicroads are blindly irrelevant in understanding motorcycling??

    These kind of adds fly in the face of stats which show that one of the biggest safety risks are other DRIVERS and the hitherto hidden Black Flag Yellow Flag stats that suggest that riders do not warrant the bad press.

    Fark me this is annoying.
  6. Rob correct, but we all know their real agenda isn't MC safety, but to attempt to dissuade people from getting on one in the first place.

    Unfortunately appealing to emotional fear works for those who are borderline already.

    If anything the add is unsafe, because it propagates the "us vs them" message with motorcyclists, pushing the "popular anti social" image.
  7. to: info@tac.gov.au

    To whom it may concern,

    I recently saw a TAC ad on television that seemingly existed to push the belief that all motorcyclists are law-ignoring, reckless fools who crash with absolutely no cause while being a threat to everyone else on the road. I'm ASTONISHED that you people think this was a good ad to make and run. Besides the ridiculous implication that motorcyclists are randomly flung from their motorcycles while riding in a straight line, there are plenty of other issues to take with it, all of which are indicative of the abhorrent mindset at TAC. The constant marginalization of motorcycles by you as an organization, blaming them for everything that happens and assuming that they're always in the wrong is offensive on multiple levels, and disgusting. You should be ashamed. I certainly am ashamed that the money you steal from us in the form of compulsory participation in your scam goes to the creation of this crap.

    How about ads promoting the idea of the inattentive morons in cars actually taking time to look for motorcyclists before pulling onto the road, changing lanes, or doing u-turns? Maybe show them reading the newspaper while driving, putting on makeup, or texting, the stuff they do that ACTUALLY puts other people in danger, instead of blame shifting to the people who get hurt by their actions?

    Again, congratulations on the disgusting, pathetic work on your part. I've heard the claims that these messages are rider approved and that riders think they're sending the right message. You're either a pack of liars (which based on the exceptionally misleading statistics you wave in front of people, I am likely to believe), or asked the wrong people (again, based on the "research" you guys base claims on, I don't have a lot of faith in your ability to find the right people to poll), because every discussion out there on these ads that I've been privy to, be it on motorcycle internet forums, among riders in person, or between riders and their families, has condemned them.

    If you had any interest in actually protecting people, you'd promote better training, not this tripe.

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  8. It was screened on ultra high rotation on SBS last night. I'm seriously at the point where almost all TV I watch is stacked with TAC bile.
    Make no mistake they know what we think about it and they are doing this as a show of power, nothing more. It's about extending their authority to the point where their edicts become almost a form of law.

    When the VAG quotes them as the final authority you know we're in trouble.
  9. Wow, that ad is farking horrible. What a load of trash.

    I have no idea what a "TAC" but i'm assuming it's an anti-motorcycling group?
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  10. Not far off ](*,)
  11. haha this made me laugh, then agree.

    other bike forums im on are getting TAC ads coming thru their sites, it pisses me off.
  12. I remember this ad.

    You notice the last bit, putting riders solely responsible for everything that may happen? That's TAC's whole attitude.
  13. Is it just coincidence that this ad has resurfaced just as various other groups are starting to wane in their active anti-motorcycle stance and certain companies are now starting to speak out against the current motorcycle = bad opinion or is it just my imagination?
  14. i was very suprised to see it back on again too.
    for those that don't understand it. the basic plot was an alien spaceship shoots a motorcycle with an invisible lazer beam, sending him flying and under an oncomming truck.

    Rob's nailed it. advert is clearly not targetting riders. because anyone who does ride watches it and wtf just happenned ???
    seeks only to re-enforce the opinions of people who've never ridden a bike and are anti-motorcycle. because they will think it's real.
  15. Wtf this shit was around a couple of years back, why is it BACK ON? It was bad enough back then.

    TAC really have it in for you down in Vic, they don't want the pay-outs, follow the money...
  16. It's motogp time hence the motorcycle focus.
    They also run the ad around supers time as well.
  17. I wonder if a rep from Maurice Blackburn is looking at this thread. I wonder if a link could be found between TAC's scapegoating of motorcyclists and the prevalence of SMIDSY.
  18. Every time that inappropriate ad is played all I see are people lawfully going about their business while riding a motorcycle. I also see other negligent people who endanger the lives of the motorcyclists with no mention of their negligence.

    Hey TAC! It’s not okay to kill people that ride motorcycles!
  19. I wonder if we could take a class action against TAC & Vicroads for Defamation of our image..... Even if it was pointless, shit I would love to!
  20. Yes mate that's it exactly. That's what triggered their submission to the parliamentary inquiry.