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It's an outrage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by LPCIII, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Today some lady backed into my bike while leaving her car park (even though I purposefully parked 2 meters behind her in the first place). Anyway, that is not the outrage.

    The problem is that she broke my front left indicator. A part, which if you want to get genuine Honda, will set you bcak 110 bucks, just for a lousy indicator, only one.

    I guess I am just seeing if there is anyone out there needing to vent about over priced genuine parts. Just cos I want to keep my bike in top shape it cost a fortune.
  2. I presume she is paying?

  3. You see when the manufacturers set prices on parts they firstly drop a bike on both sides, then slide it down the road on both sides. Anything that's immediately damaged in this process they put a 500% markup on, anythings thats not damaged they leave at the regular price. :roll: :grin:

    Time for some aftermarket indicators i'm afraid.
  4. Actualy you have the process almost right... From what I hear Honda started HART just for testing purpuces LOL
  5. If you have any witnesses Ide get her to pay!
    Do you have her rego!
    If you have both of the above and have insurance you could take it through your insurance but the excess will cost you more the indicator!

    If you know who it is try to get at least some cash out of them!

  6. Hot! Diggity! Dog! Jimmy! Chill!
  7. :p Try fixing a triumph with all oem parts... ebay is your friend. and places like


    are good once you have the fiche codes...
  8. Aftermarket look better anyway and make your bike more individual.

    For the price of one oem you can have a nice pair of aftermarket ones, they start at $20 but obviously a $100 pair will be better.
  9. Even one aftermarket indicator was going to be $60. Also I managed to get the woman before she drove away and she said hears $50 just to get it over and done with at the time, little did I know it was going to cost over twice as much. Anyway I wasn't completely stuipid so I got her number just in case, ordered the part last night and showed her the receipt this morning so she fixed me up for the rest, so this story at least has a happy ending. :)

    Also jmuzz with the exception of my pipes my bike is stock and that's the way I like it IMO.
  10. That's great LPCIII. Finally a "decent" bad driver :)
  11. Yeah it was a bit touch and go for a while