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It's always amazing what you can find

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by RRdevil, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. I visited my dad just tonight to grab a large cardboard box he had to package a product I sold on eBay. When I arrived my dad took me to his shed and showed me the box he was talking about, he said I could have whatever was inside. He knew what was inside but wouldn't tell me. Here's a picture of what I found
    Amazing, there's 40 scale display case championship winning or special 24 hour race bikes. There was Mick doohans last championship bike, Rossis first 500cc championship bike and his first 4 stroke title bike, hailwoods Honda, Kenny Roberts Yamaha, Colin Edwards sp1 title bike, Carl fogartys 998, bayliss 998, and one of my favourites the ELF Honda with the swingarm front end

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  2. ^^ This is going straight to the pool room !!
  3. Minichamps? That's something special. What's the all blue bike, Telefonica Suzuki?

    You should take some nicer pics of the bikes.
  4. Kenny Roberts Jr's 500cc GP 2000 Championship bike ?
  5. The all blue is Kenny Roberts jnr rgv500 2000 championship bike with the number 2 from previous year when he was runner up to criville, have his bike too from 1999 and doohans 1998 nsr500, my two favourites so far are the gardiner 1987 champ bike and the sheene 1979 bike
  6. Great find! Straight to ebay?
  7. Detailed photographs, please, whatever you do with them......
  8. My favourite 3
    uploadfromtaptalk1397086604310. uploadfromtaptalk1397086615419. uploadfromtaptalk1397086626918.
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  9. I have many of my own track-side photos of the Gardner bike......
  10. This thread is going to cost me a shitload of money.