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It's all go - Hi from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pegasus, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. First post. Here goes. Hi everyone!
    I met some of the netrider crew at the Mean Fiddler for a couple of weeks before I joined, hey. What a great bunch of people. Everyone made me feel most welcome although I had no bike yet. Well I do have a couple of bikes but they're the ones without an engine. Of course that all changed today, and the new bike is looking oh so sweet sitting in the garage! I can't stop going and taking another look at it! My sis thankfully rode it home for me today so it was heart in the mouth stuff tailing her on the M2, seeing her head shake to find out later (based on the sound of the engine) she was trying to find seventh gear! Top marks for this site guys. I'm a complete beginner (my only riding experience is 7 hrs at pre L's), so finding and reading the information and posts on this website has been so helpful for me over the last 4 months, and a fun read, especially the "buy a pos" article. Can't wait to go on a real ride and meet more netriders after I do some training around the burbs! :grin:


  2. Welcome to Netrider, and the fellowship of the 7,345,786 riders of GPX-250s here!!! :LOL:.
  3. Welcome.

    I have a zzr250 - the more handsome and wealthier cousin of the gpx :D

    Yeah, you'll want to get used to that :)

    See you around mate.
  4. welcome to NR .. :grin:
  5. Hi Eve,

    Yee haa...you got ya ride - well done :grin:
    Figured that's why we didn't see you yesterday at coffee. Everyone was asking had I heard from you.
    Now all you gotta do is get out there :p

    See ya soon.

  6. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Yeh this morning was going to be the first ride..haha, well our dam should be overflowing by now. Anyone for a jetski ride?

    See ya in a couple of weeks, Kim. I'll be out there practising as soon as. I think there was a learner doing laps late last night past our place...I may have company. :grin: Anyway, the gpx was too good to refuse. Already run in as a demo (1,000ks) with a good discount, and red was a bonus! :)

  7. Welcome pegasus :)

    Good to see more and more Sydneysiders riding and joining NR.
  8. [​IMG]
    Welcome and congrats on beginning a new life of absolute fun!
  9. Welcome Pegasus,

    Of course we've already met at coffee.. looking forward to seeing you on a ride. :grin:
  10. Hi Eve, and welcome, Hope to see you at the coffee meets more often.
    I know when I got my first bike, was alexcited would go out and just sit on it, as toohey would let me out on the road by myself for about 5 months. :LOL:
    This forum is full of good stuff, has helped me heaps along the way.

    Cheers Lou
  11. Hope your practice is going well.

    Look forward to seeing you soon at coffee.

    Ride safe,