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It's all falling apart!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Guy, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Went for a 300km round trip today, mostly cruising around 110kph on the freeway (as it is 110kpm speed limit). Got to Castlemaine and realised that my right handlebar was frikking loose.

    So this is what I see:

    Bolt missing from the right handlebar and the one that's left is loose as anything.. fkn.. Anyway, tightened it up, and went to look for the missing one, but it was long gone, who knows when it fell out.

    Anyway, I'll get another, tighten it in.. no worries. But then tonight, getting back to Melbourne, I go to re-fuel and check the tyre pressure.. and then I see this!!!!


    On the left side of the rear wheel, another loose nut, but I seem to have caught this one before it fell off at least... but the cover has loosened, obviously hit the chain sprocket as it's turning, bent out of the way, and bent the chain adjusting screw with it..

    Ok so my question... is this a serious problem? Other than the fact the bike seems to be shaking itself loose.. I rode today for a few hours at 9,000 RPM (110kph @ 6th gear) where as usually I commute - have done 3,000 kms in my first 6 weeks riding..
  2. Ok so my question... is this a serious problem?

    Wow , id say you just shaking it to bits 9k maybe a bit much for it
    Are you being shaken to bits?
    Does the shake seem to come from anywhere in particular?

    That said , Id grab a a really good socket set ,the shop manual ,A torque wrench and go over every bolt , One of the main bolt`s holding the motor in could be loose
  3. [​IMG]

    Damn what camera were you using... your pics are very clear.. and HuGe!
    Sorry I can't comment on your prob though, not informed enough on these issues.. but it looks pretty bad :(

    I've linked the images to your actual full blown pics too (y) Damn they're clear!
  4. Really? It's as low as it'll go if I want to go 110... Damn LAMS bikes.. I'm not being shaken to bits, no. Loose on the bike, no issues. See...... everything's loose, even me.

    Will have to go top-to-bottom and check everything, defo.

    Any advice on safety of riding with that bent screw? I've re-tightened it.. i can probably bang it back straight too, and slot it back in properly.. What else can I do really.

    @Archaeon: just an iPhone camera mate :) Thanks for linking the pics themselves too.
  5. .. why doesn't my iPhone do that... ghey.. must be my shaky hands
  6. Does that bent screw have any bearing (no pun intended) on the actual wheel?

  7. It`s only the chain tension /wheel alignment device , id just leave it tight as you have done ,Order a new one .

    I don`t think i can advise the use of the old persuader on a public forum. but i`ve hit similar things straighter before


    Really, A 2010ninja ,whats redline on the ninja like 14g? your not being shaken? And bits are falling off

    Who has been working on it?

    Hopefully it`s just the few bolts the last person to work on it missed
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  8. Is it a new bike just go around the bike and tighten and check for loose nuts and bolts,they do become loose with the shake rattle and roll.
  9. Thanks for checking what my bike is, I should have posted what it was.

    Noone's worked on it in a few thousand clicks.. I had to have the rear tyre puncture repaired shortly after I bought the bike, as I was learning to ride around a construction area.. I've done 3000km's in 6 weeks, most of it commuting, a few longer rides, and no, not being shaken off, it redlines at 13,000 but starts becoming uncomfortable for "cruising" revs at around 10-11k.

    As for the handlebar... the previous owner dropped the bike on the right side at low u-turn speed, with some impact to the handlebar as you'd imagine, but again, I've done 3,000km since I got the bike and he'd done a few as well.

    Maybe it just takes that long for things to shake loose...?

    I'll try and straighten it a bit today, see how it goes. Worst case I will just have to get it replaced anyway.

    Thanks morbosity, appreciate it.

    @Archaeon: No, not weight bearing, just the chain adjuster

    @bullit: Just over 1.5 years old - cheers, I did give it all a quick look last night.
  10. Do yourself a favor and go up one tooth on the front sprocket. The bike will have no issue taking off and cruising, but will reduce engine speed in top gear to make it a little more comfortable, in fact it's better all round.
  11. Just to follow up..

    A bit of research looking at the function of the screw inside the swingarm, and Im comfortable its function has not been inhibited. Forced it back into its original position, or near to, re-tightened, and realised that one of the two nuts has indeed gone missing.

    Ordered replacement nut + bolt for handlebar.

    Tightened a few bits and pieces around the rear-wheel assembly.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions!
  12. You really need to wash your bike haha.
  13. Lol I was wondering if anyone would comment on that.

    I clean it a bit, but with an everyday 70km commute, it gets pretty dirty fast especially as its raining or wet on the roads most days. I spend my time keeping the chain regularly lubed instead :)
  14. Where in Melbourne are you,

    The chain adjuster, loosen the nut right off, then you will be able to put it back in position with your fingers, Dont go thumping it with a hammer, It will just damage it more,

    If your close to lilydale, I can fix it for you,

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  15. Cheers Brian - Im on the other side, in Tarneit, though :)

    I used a rubber mallet and gently coaxed it back into its straight position. Went well, and the end bit now slots back into the swingarm correctly, and re-tightened..

    Awesome offer though, very appreciated. Have you considered moving to the west-side :)

    Edit: Just to clarify, I undid the nut, took the end bit off, and then just straightened the screw, before putting it back together.
  16. Move to the west side, Are you out of your mind,

    They have no Twisties over there,
    No bike riding roads, Only Slabs, Boring as Batshit,

    The Twisties Start at the top of my drive, Hahahahahaha, and go for 600 Kays to the east coast,

    Good to hear it went back in okay, Go over the whole bike and tighten up every thing,
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