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It's all about the ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. I went on a group ride yesterday on a whim (straight from work) without telling my family what I was up to. :LOL:

    I had a great morning through nashos and macquarie pass and ending it at robertson pie shop before I had to hightail it home for my eldests' soccer game.

    Plenty of twistys and cruising through spectacular south coast and southern highland scenery with a great bunch of people.

    When i got back, they just couldn't get their heads around it.

    "You mean you rode all the way from Avalon to Robertson for a pie?????"

    LMAO that they just don't get it :rofl:

    Anyone similar???
  2. There are a lot of great corners located in and around the suburbs of Canberra. If you plan it you can chain a whole bunch of them together.

    The trip home from work or the run to get bread and milk can potentially take quite a while (note: when the Ball Handler says "can you quickly pop round for some milk" she wanted it within 20 minutes max, not an hour and 20 minutes).
  3. Any excuse will do. Often find myself finishing up late at work and think to myself "Better get some milk before the kids come back from the ex tomorrow", go get on the bike, and find myself riding completely around Melbourne at midnight, and then get back home having forgotten the milk entirely several hours later. :biker:

    What can I say - I love late night rides :grin:
  4. I do it all the time !

    On the Alpine Ride I did not tell any family members where i was for the weekend !

    My sister rings me and asks me if I want to take my nephew to the footy (godfather duties . . . lol). I tell her i'm in Victoria ! hahahaha
  5. Yeah some people just don't get it. :? When Lou and I were staying in Batemans Bay on the way home, the caravan park manager asked us the usual questions, you know like 'where you been' etc. When we told him we had been down to the Great Ocean Road, he couldn't understand why we would go all the way down there instead of riding the Natio and the sea bridge at Coalcliff! :-s He just so didn't get it! You just gotta feel sorry for these people.
  6. Couple of weekends ago, was on my way to shops, and when I got there I decided I just didn't feel like spending any money. Kept riding - from Bangalow to Woodenbong, Mt Lindsay Hwy, Mt Tamborine, and home through numinbah valley. I dunno - what is that - maybe 300kms? (I don't have a map handy so forgive the generalisation) Anyway - far more satisfying than grocery shopping. Sometimes you just have to.
  7. :LOL: Ride to eat, eat to ride? :grin:

  8. a mate and i did a 3 day trip up to port mac and back a few weeks ago, we went up the OPH, up to raymond terrace, up Bucketts Way, up Thunderbolt Way, Up the Oxley Highway......760K's

    People keep asking "why did you ride so far" or "why did you ride to Port Macquarie", i just answer "it's not the destination, but how you get there"
  9. yeah the "outsiders" dont understand
  10. Last weekend I rode through Tallangatta, Corryong, Cabramurra, Kiandra and down to Merimbula just so I could have a beer with my brother and then turned around and back home the next day. Probably only about 500k`s each way but there must be 500 corners! Thats my excuse anyway. Lucky I have a family that understands why I do what I do. :grin: :grin:
  11. haha!

    good stuff.

    those are the best trips.

    i'm heading down sth this wknd!
  12. I'm the same.

    Last night I thought I left my wallet at work, so I was on my way to get it when I remembered it was in the back of the bike...

    So I went to work anyway, then the looooooong way home :D

    Riding is fun :twisted: