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Its all about the attitude.. !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fastkid, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Today at work I get this guy coming in and just out of curiosity I asked why he had a huge bruise near his eye.

    His response was 'Oh I came off my motorbike' I was like oh shit what speed where you doing? 'Duno over 100 with a pillion' Turns out he was 20 with a k6 1 litre. The pillion pulled hard on his ribs due to heavy acceleration and so he lost it some how. He seemed real cocky with his response's and told me he rides with some crazy people.

    It was sad because I literally saw death in his eyes, and proved it when telling me how crazy his friends were. Nevertheless I always see hope so I sliped him a netrider card and told him to go online. I can only hope hes reading this now...

    :? :(

  2. Some people are just too stupid for their own good. I know of a few of 'em. They are only alive today through sheer dum luck.

    This guy sounds like a moron. I hope he does read this, he needs to wake up to himself (and get some better friends). [/rant]
  3. Allas there is nothing you can do. Some people just throw all caution to the wind. Just let nature take its course and she will either knock him around until he gets the message or she will take him out all together ( Darwin award stuff ).

  4. Wait wait wait, from what I've read I'm still trying to figure out what this kid has done wrong apart from throwing the bike down the road.

    Sure he might be cocky and have some crazy friends... but that shouldn't mean he is a scapegoat for all that is evil on our roads.

    Maybe he's got some growing up to do, maybe he needs to respect other people's lives more (i.e. the pillion), maybe he's just a typical 20yo.
  5. I agree with you here Port.

    At least he acknowledges what his 'mates' are like, and he may be thinking seriously on who he rides with in the future. Hopefully anyway.

  6. A voice of reason..... thanks port ...

    Dog there are some judgement phuggas on here sometimes,
  7. Sometimes.....well Nobby, you should know by now that anything not approved by the Netrider Safety Nazi Molly Coddled in Cotton Wool Club is always going to get a heap of posts telling them the error of their ways :roll:

    Some people live and others just survive :wink:
  8. its true that the safety nazi's were quick to jump on this one, but they do have a point. Young lads (and it is mainly males) are the predominant casualty demographic for motorcyclists - and the blithe disregard many have for their own wellbeing and that of others is often breathtaking.

    On the other hand, with experience comes knowledge, and if they survive they might just learn a thing or two. I dont really have a problem with fangin' hoons, just as long as they dont hurt me or my friends and they dont drag race in front of my house at 3am. That shits me. :twisted:
  9. Hmmm :-k strange the only injury mentioned was a bruise near the eye, especially at the speed mentioned & 2 up. Wondering if he got the bruise by the pillion giving him a :blackeye: due to the acceleration rather than a fall :LOL: If so, he could be "learning" already :wink:
  10. Gosh! Isn't it a wonderful world that has people with such insight as yours.

    (I think it really says something about you that your first question was about what speed he was doing. Keep reading the GovCo posters. - there's truth in there somewhere.)
  11. Agreed, the stats are against us. For the record if he was being stupid and taking risks then

    he got off lightly :LOL:
  12. ...and then the anti-safety nazis[1] will jump in with their predictable whinge as well... always fun

    [1] 'danger nazis'? but that sounds too cool... do they have little capes and stuff?
  13. If you had a cape on, you wouldn't be in any danger :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Arr, then there are the pirate-nazis, who will pilage and plunder and tell you off whilst they do it... :roll:
  15. you guys have forgotten the "LookAtMe Nazis" that will beg to differ on any point provided regardless of its accuracy or contribution to the thread :grin:
  16. Can I be a nazi too? I brought my own cape...!

    /me jumes off the bed with the sheet tied around his neck

    Seriously though, some people(volve/camry drivers) think the safest riders are f'n nuts and stupidly risking their lives, you guys think that the 'unsafe' riders are nuts and risking their lives, those guys probably even look at a group of people (Rodeo clowns?) and think they're nuts and risking their lives.

    Everything in life is a compromise between risk and reward. They have simply chosen a higher risk for what they percieve to be a greater reward.

    Deal with it, move on.

  17. Yeah, all fair enough points... this story is a bit more of a worry though because there was a pillion in the off. And to me the squeezing/pulling under acceleration might also be evidence of panic. Which means maybe the pillion didn't know what s/he was letting themselves in for. Which means the consent, and the decision to take the risk, was made without full awareness of the risks. Yep, it's a fair bit of conjecture, but it's a worrying story. And besides all the other roles of this forum, one is just to help people have the information they need to make their risk decisions in a fully informed way.
  18. I have met quite a few people like that. Cocky and arrogant. I have a friend who actually broke his femur into two places and mentions proudly in my class that he got that from riding and crashing at '200km/h'. I dunno if that is for real but I always give a person the benefit of doubt..... but I somehow felt that story wasnt right.. I am not the only one who felt this. I hope he doesnt read this! haha... if you are reading this, this is one revelation for you. :grin:

    I have another childhood friend who I was very close with. He lived a dangerous life, always chasing the speed of riding literally living at the edge of his life. And indeed, he passed away at a tender age of 22. He crossed an intersection without stopping late at night on Melb streets about 5-6 years ago, hit by a cab and had internal injuries.. doctors couldnt save him. I was devastated. Everyone who knew him was crushed. He was a good bloke but lived too a life that was too fast..... (he almost lost a nipple when he crashed his bike at one time - his chest scrapped against the tarmac and he got up with his nipple dangling - my friends thought it was funny... I can see why.. )
  19. There's a distinct difference between taking risks and being a total f#*khead. This guys seems to fall into the latter. Risking your own life and property is one thing, but it's something else when other people are thrown into the mix.

    It's people/attitudes like this that give us all a bad name. A few bad apples...

    That's what pisses me off! :evil: