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It's about time!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Well, I finally got my bike out of the driveway today - it's been just over a week. lol!! I admit I am slack and a big chicken at times. I wish this fear or anxiety I feel everytime I get my bike would just go away!! Once I'm riding, I'm fine.

    I went for a 10 minute squirt earlier today and just got back from a 30 minute session. This time I was accompanied by sister in my car. She is not overly confident driving manual so I told her to come along and drive my car. So here we are on this industrial road, riding and driving around. lol!!

    My cornering wasn't too bad, leaning a little more but still reluctant to take corners at a faster pace. I practiced braking and surprise surprise, came to a stop in first gear too. Gotta be happy with that but I'm sure once I'm in traffic, it will be a different story!! lol!! Sis did well too - very impressed. Twins if I ever saw it. lol!!!

    :D :D
  2. So you can't ride and your sister can't drive and you were both on the same road at the same time :shock:
  3. good on ya just keep goin
  4. I soooo hear ya sister. I had the same revolting experience after drop number 3. I'd only have to think about having another go, and my hands would get all sweaty and I'd start shaking like I'm about to have a needle (thankfully didn't pass out though)...

    You've just gotta MAKE yourself do it. You know its gonna be ok of course. And if you can't make yourself, ring someone who you know will make you..... Well that's what I did, and it worked for me. :)
  5. Well done Lids (and your sis as well). Keep up the good work and you will be fine in the end. We all go through the horrors after and off or even a near off. I once found it hard to take left hand corners for almost three months, so I just turned right if I could.
  6. Hi, I've just had my learners for 3 weeks now and have managed to clock up over 700 ks - by just riding and riding - I've started to ride a couple of days to work in peak hour traffic and I'm slower on my Honda Spada than in my VW! But I know I'll get there but I also venture out with sweaty palms and a fast beating heart! I thought it maybe because I am over 40 and a female with three kids and lacking that male testosterone or whatever, but it appears younger males and females still venture out with intrepidation so I'm pleased to hear it (makes me feel less old!). I would really like to join a club and don't know where to start to meet likeminded riders (ie early days riders). I also need to do a course to help me in cornering - I'm finding cornering at 100 ks on a slow country road to be quite difficult - why do I always slow down to 90 or worse 80 ks on the easiest of roads?
    At least now I can say I haven't stalled my bike for over a week - quite an achievement. Anyway, Cheers
  7. Welcome! You have found a good club to meet likeminded riders! And I wouldn't be worried about slowing to 80-90 on corners - a lot of that will come with comfort level. Having your bike only for 3 weeks you are doing well.
  8. Helen Troy wrote:

    Welcome to the forums Helen.

    Don't worry, I am the same. I see a corner and just panic. lol!! I'm looking at doing a course too.

    :D :D
  9. Why do people seem to be embarassed about staying within their confidence level? It is the most sensible thing I can think of.

    Just keep within your confidence envelope, and you will find it will slowly grow. Over time, the envelope will get bigger and bigger, and eventually won't fit into a standard mailbox at all. Stamps will cost a fortune. Eventually it will grow so big, you will have to make sure whatever you put in it is flexible so they can roll it onto the back of the truck if you ever need to send it somewhere. Chose the colour of your envelope wisely, as you don't want to appear garish riding around in it.

    Where did I put those damn pills?
  10. Count me in for that one too Lids.
  11. Lids & Helen, sounds like you're both doing well.

    Just keep at it and go at your own pace - you will slowly gain confidence and skill each time.

    I am yet to try riding on country roads (although living in Mansfield and getting my bike in a few days...I think the time is approaching!!) although I know I won't be able to keep 100 going through many corners at all.

    It just takes a bit a time. I've rented a bike a couple of times now to keep / improve my skills and riding out there for the first little while ain't so easy as it looks - at least not at first. Even the most experienced riders talk of the fact that they're continually learning and adapting.

    I just remind myself that's why I have an L plate for (although unfortunately it does sometimes attract some undesirable spankers behind me).

    Safe riding and I might see you at a coffee night sometime :)

    - Jase