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Its about time I introduced myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sheltor, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone

    So I've been reading the forums for a while and its about time I introduced myself.
    My name is Michael from Melbourne and I've wanted a bike for a very long time, always had something stopping me though.
    Anyway last september I got my L's while unemployed (never had time previously, never wanted to take leave either), and now I'm employed again and paid off some debts ill have an absolutely tiny budget to get myself a bike next month.

    So I'm after a Hyosung GT650 (not the R) if it can fit in my price range otherwise any similar LAM's bike will do (pretty much anything with an upright sitting position will be great).
    I've already put money down on a shark vision r s2 at Peter Stevens Ringwood (last one they had in my size) and have about $1k for gear (rest of helmet, RST Raptor Jacket (I like the longer length in the jacket), Kevlar jeans or cargos, gloves and boots) which will leave me close to $3k for a bike. I know my options for a bike in that range will be very slim though.

    I know ill have heaps of questions soon when I actually have money to buy so wanted to get this out of the way now.
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  2. Howdy SheltorSheltor and welcome to NR. Sounds like you're making good progress and planning well. The bike will come. It's just a matter of time before the right bike presents itself and maybe by that time the budget will have grown a tiny bit. Also, as it's the end of the financial year, keep an eye out for sales for your gear which may see you spend a little less than you anticipate! Have you tried AMX as well? Good luck!
  3. Welcome. 2 years since you joined and no posts - I don't think we need to give you any advise as you would've read everything anyway! Have fun bike shopping, go sit on a few different models, see what you like. Then test ride them. See what you like best. Then try find one in your price range!
  4. Welcome to NR..

    Good advice from @ chillibutton

    You're on the right track though and IMHO a smart move to get the gear sorted out first.

    Come on down to the Melbourne Saturday practice one of these weekends

    All the best..
  5. @Goldenberri The helmet was 3/4 the normal price as Peter Stevens wont be stocking Shark any more its down to whats on the shelves. I had tried on most of this gear straight after I got my L's so ive known what I wanted for a while. Budget is very unlikely to grow as its my FHSA minus debts to be paid, though ill be able to stretch a little bit as ill have my CC all paid off for the first time this year. Really been meaning to get down to AMX and will see if i can on sunday.

    @chillibutton yeah I know I want an upright type position outside that my preference is a larger capacity (im not light ~120kgs) and within budget. Years ago i was really after a Suzuki GS500, and I'd love a weestrom if it fit the budget. Ive read a lot but no where near everything.

    @Lazy Libran would love to come to Saturday Practice except for local footy killing that option on saturdays, though we have a bye coming up so planning to use that to pick up which ever bike I find that fits the budget. Then ill be able to once footy season is over. Gotta sort the gear cause that will determine how much is left for a bike.

    Here's my first question for anyone that may know, how is RST textile gear regarded? I'm looking at the RST Raptor jacket and saw it has matching pants so just wondering how they sound for first kit. And on that point how are workboots (I usually wear my steel blues at work anyway, there black, comfy and I get away with them) regarded for commuting vs <$200ish mc boots?
    Later ill want Kevlar jeans at some point so I can start riding to work once I have a little confidence
  6. At 120kg you definitely will want 400+ cc, pref 500-650 though. But ride them to see how they feel, the power/torque behaves differently for different bikes so up to a point bigger cc doesn't always mean more grunt.

    Some food for thought here - couple of GS500's at around your budget, and an ER-5 at $2k:



  7. Yeah I've been keeping my eye on that ER5 and watched a GT650 sell for not much more in Ararat last week that I was spewing I didnt have the money through to get it.
    Ive got a whole seperate browser window open full of Motorbikes for sale the tabs are tiny on it too.
    Though for ease of doing it all I would love Peter Stevens Ringwood to come through with a full package deal of gear and bike which will severely limit my bike options.
  8. My most recent jacket purchase was an RST and I love it. The only minor gripe is with the closure tab at the neck, where the velcro bit has the 'hooks' facing your neck, instead of the 'receiver' part being on the tab. I have to wear a skivvy for long trips or it roughs up the skin on my neck a lot.
  9. Welcome to NR Sheltor.

    The steel cap boots probably aren't the best boots to go riding in. There have been cases where the steel cap has crushed the rider's toes during an incident. *Don't know why I'm even saying this*. I argue with my son about it all the time cause he wears his steel capped boots to work every day while riding...and he wins the argument! :bigtears:

    GT650. Good bike. Strong but a little rough in their finish. Certainly worth the money you pay for them though. And the Koreans are improving each year with their bikes. Good riding Sheltor!
  10. Welcome Sheltor,
    Is that possibly a Big Bang reference ?

    Have you had a look at Bikemart too ?
    They normally run a open night for us in August where they offer a discount to members. Keep an eye out for that post.
    If you have time, AMX Lynbrook is twice the size of Bayswater and has a bigger choice and range of gear.

    Bikers Gear in FTG can also have good deals. They don't open Sunday's though.

    Good luck with your search and shopping. See you out there.
    Good luck
  11. Have a look at Cash4Motorcycles in Ringwood, next door to A1 Service Centre, facing the railway line. They only deal in used bikes and advertise bikes on Gumtree.
  12. G'day MichaelMichael and welcome to Netrider. You made very good use of downtime between jobs getting your Learner rider license! Keep us updated when you get that GT650.
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    Went out to AMX Lynbrook and tried on more gear so now ive get the below planned as starter gear, is any of it actually bad or anything id need to know about it?
    Shark Vision R S2
    RST Raptor 2 Jacket
    Draggin Classic Black Jean
    Dririder speed 2 men's glove
    Dririder Iride 2 Canvas (KupeKupe yeah I shouldn't ride in steel caps, I was planning to keep the costs down but these have changed that opinion)

    Stever42Stever42 Been going by Sheltor longer then the big bang theory show has been around, AMX lynbrook was good to visit now I have tried more gear, helping me to learn towards the Dririder shoes and gloves.

    I will have a look at those other places when I can.
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  14. So now my budget is available quite a nice gt650 comes up in my price range on bike sales, what do i need to know with private sales (never bought a vehicle privately before)?
    Is the process
    1. check theres no money owed
    2. Check valid RWC (How?)
    3. Pay Money, get receipt
    4. goto Vicroads pay transfer and its all done?

    Then again if I do find something at Peter Stevens tonight i wont even need an answer to these yet. I wont be going back to Peter Stevens Dandenong after last night when i had a way to pushy salesman, hopefully ringwood are better tonight.
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  16. Well turns out Ringwood peter Stevens will be getting my business got a full package deal gear and bike. Deposit is down and I'll be back next Saturday for the test ride and all going well pay the rest of the money.

    Will be picking up a Hyosung GT 650S and some slightly different gear basically all rst paragon gear except for draggin jeans and shark vision helmet so I'm pretty happy right now. Went a little over budget but very happy with what I'm getting.
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  17. Welcome to Netrider Shelter and we'll done with your choice of gear :)
  18. Welcome aboard :] + 1 for AMX stores and bikers gear Australia
  19. So Saturday I have my test ride at peter stevens ringwood, everything going well I see myself putting down the money and picking the bike up monday.

    Any tips on what to look for on my first test ride and first ride on actual roads?

    I have been reading these resources
    Used Motorcycle Buying and Evaluation Guide | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
    Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
    Bike Inspection Checklist | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
  20. It's supposed to be miserable weather on Sat so I'd just look out for cars and floods.
    If it has new tyres be very very careful.
    Everything else is pretty much covered.
    See how well your wet weather gear works, and if your helmet leaks.
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