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It's a what?.....

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tweetster, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. #1 Tweetster, Oct 9, 2009
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  2. "Does your child have a floppy neck?"

    I wonder how many they sold.
  3. ...persactly!!....should be able to spot those kids a mile off!! (thinking noddy dogs!!) :D
  4. Should start making these again... with glowing bits.

    Sell them to ravers.

  5. Great idea, but someone would lose and eye and then they would become illegal. Then you would start seeing underground SwingThing houses popping up everywhere. The police commission would lodge a formal investigation to crackdown on these "SwingThingers".

    Meanwhile, hundreds of SwingThingers would go broke and become homeless due to the increased cost of feeding their addictions... Forcing them to roam the city stealng and robbing to get money, all the while looking for an alley in which there resides a "SwingThing Dealer" so they can get their fix...

    Do you really want that burden on your shoulders Fekkinell? Do you?
  6. Hey man, SwingThings never hurt nobody. I don't make them take the SwingThings man. It's their choice. They want the SwingThings man. I'm no criminamle.

  7. You're a theif! You steal their livelihood! And probably a large amount of the cartilage between their C1 and C5 vertebrae.
  8. Nah man.. I'm like... providing jobs and shit. These people just don't know what they're doin man. They're amateur like. I can't help it if they overdo the SwingThings man. I'm a businessman... man.
  9. You'd better not be making a racial stereotype there Fekkinell. You might offend Harry...
  10. It's ok... I'm only impersonating lower class white trash. ;)
  11. How very controversial of you...
  12. Oh yeah. I'm edgy and hip and... stuff.
  13. Fekkinell throws political correctness to the wind with reckless abandon, and continues to make stereotypes.

    What will he do next!
  14. I'll probably go into my pitchfork proof shelter and await the onslaught of people in beige cardigans and tweed.

    Might even have a glass of something alcoholic while I wait. :shock:
  15. Just climb a tree and sit still. Most of their vision is gone, and it was based on movement in the first place. And even if they can see you, their brittle bones shall climb no tree, nor wield no axe.
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    I really hope the government has contingency plans in the event of a swing thing outbreak, this could get serious.
    Can you imagine rooms full of chinese doing this?
    I can.
    In fact the "swing thing" tune sounds eerily similar to some commie propaganda tunes. I bet if you play it backwards it's saying "throw down your government" in chinese .....

    This was my favourite take

    man 28 days later was asweome .....
    left4dead 2 coming out soon ....... asweome....
  17. :rofl:

    Ahhhahaahha rdkls, that made me laugh.
  18. OMG!!!... I didn't think a thing that swings would start up such contraversial conversation.....:p

    ...... it could be a winner!!..... Oh swing that thing :dance:
  19. Never underestimate the controversial potential of bored Netriders :p