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Its a terrible feeling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sparz, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Being on your restricted license, cruising around websites looking at different bikes to upgrade to, then finding one that looks like a great buy which will never come up again...

    Found a 2007 kawasaki ninja zx6r being sold for $7000. Only problem is it needs new tyres, and it was dropped while stationary. Considering redbook says 9500 - 11300, it seems like a decent deal - and we all know how much redbook underestimates the prices in the market.

    Maaan.. i wish i had my full license and a full time job >.<

    Ah well, 6 months till my full license, and 1 more year till a full time job.

    Did this ever happen to you guys? When you finally got ur full license, did you find deals just as good?
  2. forgive me for being cynical but at 7g's i'd be suspicious of it.
  3. you posted in my thread, but all the bikes ive been looking at have gone up since i got a full time job and came off restrictions XD

  4. Yeah, the old if it seems too good to be true it probably is....
  5. Browse the US kawasaki forums and you will see heaps of posts about issues with the 07-08 zx6r ticking noises, that year has issues, i'd stay well away from it.

    I just got me an R6 cos i was scared of buyiing a lemon 07 zx6r it wasnt worth the risk for me..
  6. ive noticed that too haha, ive got 2 months till im off restrictions.

    I just got back from surfers paradise in QLD and while i was there i found an 05 zx6r in green with 4000ks on it goin for 8k, nothing wrong with it at all. I was so tempted to grab it and ride it home but its double demerits and if i lose my license i lose my job :( i also saw a nice looking honda cbr600f4i with 20,000ks on it go for $4000 on ebay... but that was on ebay lol.
  7. Dont fret it...there is always a better deal available after you buy!
  8. Nope, all the good deals seem to disappear once you are ready to buy.
  9. Stop looking. Youll drive yourself mad.

    Once your off restriction and have the cash ready, be patient and a great bike will come up.
    Just be patient.
  10. The perfect bike could go on sale just exactly when you are ready to get one. You never know what surprises are around the corner. Btw, I'd be a bit suspicious of the Kawasaki Ninja....something doesnt quite sound right there.
  11. Sometimes its wise to be suspicious of a good deal, but then again maybe the owner just needs $7000 asap instead of $8500 - $9500 in two or three months and then the hassle of haggling and all that rubbish :-k
  12. Finance, buy, ride. Deal with the problems later.