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Its a moral dilemma

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. you have a brand new laptop...
    you have no wifi or net at home...
    you check for wireless connections near you...
    5 out of the 8 are unsecured....


    its all to easy....
    two clicks and say yes....yes....

  2. If they didn't want their bandwidth stolen they would have the initiative to make holes in wall-studs and giprock, and spend an afternoon in the roof running Cat-5 like I did :grin:

    Out of curiosity, my work laptop has a wireless connection option. How do you search for local networks to connect to?
    I haven't even been to a maccas to test it out or anything yet.
  3. Yeah, tempting.

    Aw, go on!
  4. My wireless network's secure. It's called "no internet for you."

    Heh heh.
  5. Loz is pretty computer savvy, people.

    If I was in his area and wanted dodgy things of an erotic nature, I certainly wouldn't try hacking his network.

    ... I'd just give him some blank DVD's and ask nicely.
  6. I should charge for access to "the archives..."
  7. What moral dilemma? I'd say it's pretty common practice to "borrow" unsecured wifi when you need to. I met my next door neighbor last year after I needed to use his wireless and found his network name included his phone number and something along the lines of "beer for interweb". I don't usually lock mine down either unless there's constant use or someone's trying to download tonnes of stuff at whatever blistering pace they can get out of aforementioned dodgy wireless.

    So far no one has been downloading kiddy p0rn off my account, so it's all sweet.

    Unsecured = open invitation as far as I'm concerned.
  8. My wireless router came preconfigured with WEP security enabled - so [-X No loggy withouty the WEP code.

    Recently I was at Adelaide Airport and happened to be sitting outside the Qantas lounge waiting for my departure... fired up the lappy... lots and lots of wireless networks... including the Qantas club one... whaddyaknow, it was unsecured... clicky clicky, yes, yes... "this wireless connection is only for Qantas club members... :blah:". I put in an url and was off.


    To be frank, I was surprised it let me do that!

    The funny thing was, that within an hour, there was a cluster of lappy users around me :LOL:
  9. Dude, WEP is about as secure as a chastity belt in a locksmiths.

    You want WPA-PSK with TKIP as a minimum. And make sure that the TKIP password is a good one. Also, if your wireless router supports it, use MAC address whitelisting. MAC addresses are easily spoofed by someone but it's another layer of security. Also make sure your SSID (wireless network name) is changed to something other than the default (rainbow tables exist for the 1000 most common ones :) ).

    Also many routers have a web interface that listens on a common IP (such as 10.0.0.*), make sure that your admin password is a good one just in case.
  10. Awww crap Russ!!!!! :!:

    Well I guess some security is better than none! I guess my underlying point was that the router came WEP enabled rather than having to fish around to turn it on... so is there any excuse for an unsecured personal home wireless setup???

    I guess like all security features, anyone that's determined enough will work a way around it.

    AAPT have a convenient utility to check download amount and time. As best as I can tell (patterns, down load amounts etc), it's only me using my wireless connection.

    If I do notice unusual useage, I might have to have a closer look at my thomson router and see whether it'll beef up to wpa1 or wpa2 as per the article, or the other security features Haggis suggests.

    LMAO - Netrider might need to be renamed Nerdrider... there's plenty of geekologists in here! (and I'm glad for it too! lol)

    Just as an aside, in my area of suburbia, I'm the only wireless network I can pick up... seems unusual given the penetration of broad band...
  11. You're a generous person who likes throwing money at other people? :).
  12. ?? :? @ Haggis. Whachatalkinabouthaggis?? :LOL:

    I can be generous, but I'm not that generous! :grin:

    If ya gets ya wireless router then there's no excuse not to turns on its basic security. That way ya next door naybour can't steals ya bandwidth (unless he's all up on the security geekery and downloads the security cracka app... which he'd be if he was reading this thread...)

    By the way, chastity belt in a locksmiths... very eloquent imagery :LOL:
  13. Sharing the love. It doesnt cost you a dime and I'm sure most people can remember a time where they've used someone elses net when theirs was down.

    Having said that, most unsecured networks would be because of ignorance rather than good will. Same result though. :grin:
  14. Why futz around with slow wireless anyway? Run some cables around and get decent speed.

    But to answer the main question, if someone is stupid enough to leave a wireless router unsecured, and someone else uses it to surf the 'net, well serves him right.
  15. It's stealing.

    It's like saying if someone leaves thier garage open, you can nick some tools.

    beacause monthly bandwidth is the saem, you only get a set amount, and if someone elses uses it, you aint getting it back. Just like your tools..

    ..Although i use my neighbours when my one goes down.
  16. If someone leaves his garage open, someone will steal his tools, but it wouldn't be me :evil:.
  17. its not nicking tools... and i classify that under "long term loans unredeemable by beer" with my friends.

    and no i didn't go bandwidth borrowing