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It's a miracle!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DisgruntledDog, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. The Age

    I call bullshit. I'll believe the miracle thing as soon as an amputee has their limb grow back.

    The power of the human body to heal itself is phenomenal. Think how effective the placebo effect is.
  2. Keep praying for the rest of his family then.

    Honestly... praying to Saints???
    Even if you believe God and Christianity, read the frickin' bible.

    It's cheaper to make someone a saint than to make a golden calf, I guess.
  3. ''That's when Mary MacKillop appeared. She helped me lift him up and get him back into bed. From then on, I knew I was never alone and her strength became mine.''

    Wow - not a bad effort for a corpse.

    Zombies FTW.
  4. the miracle IS that people in an intelliegnt world believe Dark Ages mumbo-jumbo like this
  5. And if he failed to get better, then 'GOD' wanted it that way. Win win situation if you believe in 'GOD'
  6. out of curiosity, how many recordings are there of cancer growth slowing, regressing at all or completely without treatment?
    Yep. zakly.
    However, the Pharaoh's magicians could turn water to blood as well as perform most of the other plagues, and Simon the Magician was known to have considerable talent. It's definitely possible, though like you said "read the frickin' bible".
  7. thanks mate.
  8. Yes the Bible that's been rewritten/retranslated/transformed and reinvented countless times to suit the needs of those trying to drive it down every ones throats.
    Got kicked out of compulsory religious education class in primary school, for asking if Noah also took white ants on the ark.

  9. I got kicked out because I asked why it was in the science clas before religion class we learnt about evolution - that was in high school
  10. If god made us, who made him, ?????????????????????
    Priest did not like that one,
  11. Not me. Medical science is not THAT far away from this.
  12. I got kicked out of RE for asking the teaching if dildos are a sin and then having a coughing fit / sneezing fit whenever she read from the bible, everytime that she asked what was wrong I told her I was alergic to lies.
  13. After all the hoohaa about the supposed miracle has died down, he'll suddenly go into remission and die.

    Thats my grim prediction.
  14. well he's going to die anwyay
  15. If you somehow managed to turn off the faith in this sort of stuff the size of the Catholic church would reduce to about 10% overnight. I think every ethnic catholic mother I've ever met absolutely believes this sort of stuff.
  16. divorcing people from this pure superstition was at least in part what the Reformation was about.....
  17. I like the quote...

    So it takes 4 years for a miracle???

    and although it's not the best evidence according to wikipedia the survival rate is between 85 and 98%...
  18. Its interesting that given the proportion of the population that believe in this mumbo jumbo, noone here has jumped up and down supporting their faith. I guess that means motorbikes are the tool of the devil or something.
  19. shh. They might hear you.