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It's a miracle I didn't come off!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by starlet, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. I'm sitting here still in shock!

    Riding home from work today, along City West Link - no cars around apart from Stealthassassin riding in front in the left lane and me riding along in the right lane doing the speed limit (70).

    I look in my right hand mirror and notice a silver car no more than half a metre away from me F**k
    At this point the road sweeps to the right and I am in the middle of leaning when I feel a bump.
    Next thing I notice I am in Stealth's lane bascially about to crash into him.

    I can't exactly remember what I did from there but my rear brake was in full lock and the bike was out of control. At this point I'm thinking "OMG - I'm going to crash and Stealth is going to come down with me". Stealth powers away and I manage to get back in control and straighten up. Thank God!

    I get to the next set of lights Stealth is in front of this guy in an argument and I start yelling "You could have killed me"!! Cause we were arguing with him, he says "I'm calling going to call the Police"...he's angry at us? WTF?
    He pulls out his phone and says "What's your number plate", I have never been so angry in my life, the lights go green and I stay behind him (no way did I want to be in front). Meanwhile this guy is on the phone which I'd imagine is to the Police and stops in the middle of a T intersection, blocking 3 ways of traffic for me to pass him! I stopped and yelled "You first, hurry up and move". He starts driving and again stops to the left for me to pass. After sitting there for a while trying to get him to pass I just went and he cained behind me AGAIN!

    I get to the next set of lights (where Stealth is), we got off our bikes and went over for another "chat" but he was too busy taking my plate number and talking on the phone with the window up! Lights go green and we head to the cop shop. They've sent a car over to our house (hasn't arrived yet) because I need to report this. The worst thing is Stealth has seen him before and he is a serial tailgater/speeder/no indicator shit for brains prick!

    I honestly don't know how I didn't come off...
  2. His car actually bumped your bike???
  3. If he was in the wrong why did he want your number plate...?

    +1 - on the did he actually hit you from behind??? Can't quite tell...
  4. I'm pretty sure. My handlebars were going from side to side and it felt like a jolt forward.

    You know City West Link right? Heading west just before the rowing club the sweeping right is all perfect hot mix, there's not a bump on that section.
    Even still I've been over nasty bumps before but never have they shot me into a different lane. I was lucky there were no cars there.

    The only reason I am not 100% sure is there are no mark on my bike and nothing I could see on his bumper.

    That's what I don't understand, why my number plate? I guess it was cause we were yelling at him and Stealth was going pretty hard...
  5. WTF :shock:
    i hope u got his number plate
  6. It's times like that you need something to give an idiot like this a scare, like pulling out your replica .50 cal Desert Eagle, heh.

    The other thing that would be fun would be to stand next to his drivers side front wheel at the next lights and bring your fist down on his windscreen or bonnet. Talk about having a captive audience.

    Or, even better, whip out your phone camera and take a shot of him up close (gotta be quick and carefull tho).

    Seriously, though, while I've got my tongue in my cheek for the first two reactions, it would be good to hear about some effective methods to use in circumstances like these.
  7. I'm glad you're not hurt mate. But I would like to know if Stealth was in front of you and did not see any bump or whatever cause you to lose it, then why was he arguing with the driver at the next set of lights?

    Could you have gone over the top with your yelling? I'm wondering because we all make mistakes; I have been at fault before, on a few ocassions (I'm on the road every day, it happens) and when sh1t happens I let the other person blow off a little steam, I understand. But when they carry on and on I stop them because I will not accept abuse.

    Perhaps the guy felt intimidated? I don't know ...
  8. We can't be sure these things didnt happen :wink:
  9. You must be a big scary biker chic on that CBR125 chica :p
  10. I was in front mate.. I had just seen from my mirror this f$ckhead riding faaaar too close to my WIFE... Then see her hurtling towards me... I chased the prick and intimidated him... i couldnt let it pass, if there was no one else around i would have caved his head in... I can't believe how close he was to killing someone!

    Edit: I should say though, that there was no reason for this guy to need Starlets numberplate.. I was the one yelling abuse at him.. As soon as he saw her he wanted her numberplate - then she started yelling too.

    Also, when i say that i intimidated him, it was only by yelling. There was no way that i could do anything else with so many other cars around (that had gathered at the intersection where we were turning.
  11. If you saw it then no problem. There are certainly enough d1ckheads out there, some will only learn when they're had a clip over the ears.

    Good thing you went to the Police though;
    A few years back I had an 'issue' with a motorist, we both got very angry at one another, we were probably both at fault. I rode away, she went to the police. Next morning the police knock at my door and start lecturing me - I let them carry on without interrupting - until they start to advise me on what I should have done differently in such a circumstance. At that point I stop them and say "you know what I should have done? I should have gone to the Police myself, as that is the only difference between me and the driver. If it was me who went to the police, you would now be talking to her"
  12. Some people don't deserve the use of the road..... you should put his car up on carsales [/shitty reference]

    Well done on not dying though I guess starlet, hope they hit him with negligible driving!
  13. This is why I need to attach an industrial strength directional horn facing rearwards on my bike.. wakes up tailgaters :D
  14. Thanks guys, I've calmed down now.
    The cops just left and they're going to pay him a visit ... late at night to annoy him (in their words).

    They were really nice and said they were glad we reported this cause they need to know about these things. They're going to let highway patrol know and if they see him they'll hassle him.

    NSW Police rule! Sorry Victorians
  15. Good to know Starlet, glad to hear things seem to be working out - hopefully he'll calm down after a visit from the cops and it'll be one less idiot to worry about on the road
  16. It IS a miracle you didn't come off if he bumped you!

    Sounds to me like a classic tank slap. I know you can't see any damage but maybe it's worth getting someone to check out your shocks etc?? It's the damage you can't see that may get you in to strife. And the cops have got his details so you could put in a claim if necessary.

    ....anyway, well done for keeping your cool and staying upright.
  17. That's scary, Starlet, but glad you're both ok.
  18. Startlet...damn, you lead an exciting life. Just take care out there please. The roads are full of idiots.
  19. Meh!
    bumped by a car

    Wait till you get nudged by a Semi :wink:

    Glad to hear you kept it all together and the guy will get his just desserts.
    What the hell is wrong up there in sydney this is your second road rage incident in a week :shock:
  20. Exactly. Maybe you guys should change your route home for a couple of weeks!