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its a lovely day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. sky is blue
    wind is non-existant
    temperature rising
    roads reasonably quiet
    wife has taken kids to town
    oh no, looks like i have to go for a ride......

    we need more south coast members, i dont mind riding on my own but it is always fun with a couple at least.
    (the usuals are nursing hangovers)

    come on down people, its a lovely day :grin:

  2. I want to, but I'm so tired after yesterday and last night that I just want to be a bum.

    But I'm getting bored already...
  3. No hangovers here, Joel, but other things mean I can't get down there.

    But we must do that one day :grin:
  4. Can't wait to get down there, motorcycle nirvana! Just have to take the slightly long way to get there, via Canberra for a year or so! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. We can meet up half way. ....... But that will be another day Joel.
  6. i think i wil come.... ill see you in 12 hours ;)

    nah im going for a ride up here :)
  7. much better, did a lap.

    mogo-moruya-broulee-batemans bay-mogo.

    north head road = fun twisties :dance:
    broulee straight = hold on! :bolt:
    lilli pilli bends = yeehaaa :grin:
    batemans bay = eye candy :cool:
    princes hwy to mogo = yet more fun twisties on the "MAD MILE" \:D/

    about 50-60kms in total, not overly long but long enough to blow the cobwebs out.

    you are right, this place is rider-nirvana

    i dare you, there is a BBQ on and i do vegetarian :LOL:
  8. ill stop by on the road trip ;) :p
  9. Beautiful day. I just went for a four hour ride around the beaches. Can't wait for summer :)
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  11. yeah an amazingly perfect day. im about to go for a cruise of east sydney starting at watsons bay!

    on a sad note....
    was down there this morning having brekky at the tea gardens and lots of cops/police resuce/chopper flew in. I heard a guy died at the gap
  12. again today is gorgeous

    but i am hung over :(
  13. My bike is broke and getting fixed, I cant ride...pity me :cry: :LOL:
  14. Me and Realm just got home from a ride through Sth Gipsland area and had a ball.Plenty of wicked twistys out there.Got invited to a ullysys bbq :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: so we ditched them and rode in the other direction :LOL: :LOL: .
    Sun over us all the way there and back.

    On the way back we cought up to some sportsbike riders and over took them at a nice pace.Would have loved to have seen there facial expresions when they seen me and Realm on there arses then when they read Realm's number plate :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. yes will second the lovely day
    was out riding today as well ... and it also got a wash and and a polish
  16. Third that - excellent day for a romp. A small group of us headed northwards to Yea via Glenburn & Strath Creek for lunch, then back to Healesville via Toolangi for coffee. Roads clean & dry ..... very nice indeed :)
  17. Sounds like everyone had an excellent riding day all round. :grin: