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It's a Knockout to the extreme!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Jul 3, 2008.

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    If you liked It's a Knockout, you'll love this. If you love seeing people eat sh!t big time you'll love this. Apparently it's coming on TV soon. The american comentary gets a bit much after a while though...


  2. That is way cool.

    It's like Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario, but in real life!

    I'd love to have a go.

    edit: lmao at the big balls. I was in tears after watching the montage of people crashing their way over them. Friggen hilarious!
  3. +1 I'd love a go at that.
  4. yep saw the ad for wipeout last night, starts this coming wednesday (i think it said)
  5. im there...this was what i was born to do
  6. Precisely my thoughts....... :grin: :cool:

    What channel??
  7. The puns! oh, how horrible :LOL:

    haven't i seen this before as a japanese game show?
  8. awesome!!
    we simply do not have enough seppo dramatised garbage on the idiot box.
  9. channel 9 i think or was it 7, oh maybe it was 10 :LOL: , think it was 9
  10. I cried with laughter at those people trying to get across the big balls.
  11. Channel 9, 7:30pm Tuesday July 8 :wink:
  12. Gold! :rofl:

    LMAO at the second chick ...she makes it all of 5 metres down the slope before slipping over, and the commentator says "now that's not technically an obstacle there" :LOL: no sh*it
  13. :rofl:

    Loving the cheesey commentary. :)
  14. 'Mummy!' ..........

  15. Japanese one is better.
  16. +1 !!!!
    That was the best bit - I was laughing so hard people kept coming in to my office to see what I was doing! :LOL: I ended up watching the whole show.
  17. like the retard japanese version...only american.

    hang on I just said the same thing twice :/
  18. So cool I wanna go!
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  20. omfg! i was rolling on the floor laughing.. those commentators, so freaking funny.