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Its 7:17am and I'm.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ZX_Ninja, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. at work and bored !!!
    Looks like it's going to be a long day of nothing but NR forum reading :)

    So out of curiosity (and to give me something to do) what do you guys/gals do for a living? Me, I'm a net surfer...um, I mean, I'm in IT :)

    Oh, on a side note, where any of you at KK's in Liverpool last night? I rocked up about 8:15 - 8:30 on a black ZX10R - just curious to know whether or not I missed any of you??

    7.20 now, is it home time yet :)
  2. We run a security screen business. I run the office from home (thats why I'm always on this group!!!!). Its a good job because I can get things done around home when I've caught up with paperwork etc.
  3. In IT too, so too much time looking at at screens. Actually have 3 set up so way too many to look at..... Seem to have one for netider...
  4. I'm in I.T.

    Usually (for the past 4 or 5 years) as a Linux sysadmin but just working a support role currently as I've had a tough time finding work this year!
  5. I.T too.

    Aaaaand I was in at work as usual before 7:15AM. At least I usually get t leave at 4:25PM but its still a long boring day.

    Spend most of my time helping "experts" in their field of "expertise". ](*,)

    Sanity is assisted by Netrider and day-dreaming about the next ride...

    *wipes drool off chin*

    Fun Ha!
  6. I guess the bonus is I get to finish at 3.30pm .. AND !!!! I rode to work today (I normally drive) so I have the bonus of going for a ride after work.

    I had one entertaining call today, somebody in the sales department wondered over and asked me to fix the microwave because its "IT" .. second time this has happened, I told the guy to go back to his desk and call the building maintenance guy lol ... how is Microwave IT related other than the fact it uses electricity ??
  7. I wish something this exciting happened to me every now and again :(

    And you lucky, lucky bastard being able to ride home after work!

    Fun Ha!
  8. IT as well - Reporting Manager, fkn boring but it pays for the bike and you know eating and stuff.
  9. I rescue small animals from chinese take away places & sell them to mining companies to check for poisonous gas underground.

    It's a living.
  10. I'll buck the trend and say I work in International freight forwarding.

    By the way my bro works in IT and I feel sorry for you guys having to work some stuffed up shifts like Friday nights and weekends. But I guess it pays well so they offset oneanother.
  11. Seeing as this is the "I work in IT" thread...

    I work in IT.
  12. Casual relief school teacher.
  13. Underwear garment maker
  14. +1 for working in IT.

    I'm actually a programmer, so I write 1's and 0's all day. That's what all my friends and family want to believe anyway! But I have "normal" work hours from 9-5:15. I rode in most days this week (including today :)), thinking of taking off for a ride on my lunch break too!
  15. I have an IT job title.

    Occasionally I work. Mostly I just swan around trying to look important.
  16. Wow... so many riders in IT, who would have thught it! Totally discredits the stereotype that all IT people are pocket protector wearing geeks.

    Me... I'm a Shipbroker.
  17. I gold farm on World of Warcraft fulltime. My life dreams and goals are fulfilled.
  18. HA !! INB4 Susan Express !!!!

    Now where did I put my pocket protector :) - I think that sterotype is still around even though most IT people these days dont fit it. I know plenty of IT guys on bikes, fast cars with or without tatts etc etc ... things you wouldnt see your general "geek" doing!
  19. IT... no wait... as if I know anything about computers.

    I meant to say, not currently working.

    Signed a new employment contract with AAMI though... training starts in 2 weeks. Woohoo!

  20. Seeing as I'm so bored at home (day off, well almost...heading over to Delhi tonight), thought I'd join in...
    I won't say Pool Cleaner, or High Speed Aluminium Cutter, as former mates would say (lol), but really (cough, splutter I now hear) P'I'lot with an International Major Airline, based overseas...Melbourne soon !
    So I guess I'm part of that 'I' team as well :)
    Based in Melbourne as of 1st June. To say I can't wait for the move is a serious understatement.