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Itching to derestrict.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Cynical Smagz, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Member a year.
    First time post.
    Heart says derestrict. Mind says wait another 2.5 mths and upgrade.
    Riding since Feb'14. Started on GS500, then couple months on XJ6N which I’m now sure was derestricted coz I’m really missing the go go now on the ZX6S with the on/off switch of a throttle. I know the derestricted 600 still wasn't as quick as a true 600 super sports but when the throttle is restricted to what feels like 1/5th you notice the change. Overtaking at 90 used to be a no brainer, but now I can drop even 3 cogs and still nada. I’ve had it indicate 140+ but only after a strong coffee and distance past the limits of most runways.
    Got the part to make it all happen but acutely aware of rego and insurance issues.
    Feel like a kid who wants to light that fire cracker. …under the headmaster’s backside

  2. If it's only a couple of months wait it out, time flies when having fun.
    If it was longer I would say do it. I derestricted my er6nl only a couple of months into my learners and have no regrets.
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  3. By the time you get around to it you will have a month to wait. Sell the required parts to the next buyer
  4. Don't bother with de restricting the bike. My brother did his and it made very little difference, plus it's illegal as the registration records the bike as Lams, but de restricting it modifies it so it no longer complies with Lams. Upgrade is your best option, it will also be more reliable than a bike that has been modified (Fiddled with)
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