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Italjet Dragster info

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MZ, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all
    Has anyone got one or know someone with one . I would like to know how well they go ,how reliable they are as It will be for my partner to learn on and seeing as though I can`t talk her into getting a bike this is probably the best looking scooter IMO :twisted:

  2. A mates dad has one.

    2 stroke.
    very quick. 180cc if i'm not mistaken?
    unique styling, something different to the universal scoots that most people have.

    very big following in europe.
    can be difficult to get parts etc locally but with enouth time and money can get stuff from Italy/UK sent over.

    In terms of reliability - he is always tinkering with it, but that may just be cause he's interested in them.
  3. Thanks for the info Duffman
    Does anyone on this forum own one as I would really like to hear from any owners with there pros/cons
  4. check out www.cityskoots.com (maybe .com.au )

    the owner has a modded one!

    dont think you can get them new here anymore though?!?
  5. I used to own one...never again.

    Yes, they're fast. So fast in fact that they have a specific Dragtser class of track racing in Italy.

    Be prepared to rebuild the motor every 10 to 15000 kms (if you are a careful owner) and about every 6000 if you race around all over the place.

    The problem is they only have 2 speeds , flat out and stopped.

    The 4 stroke Gilera Runner is a better, cheaper option. Must admit tho, not as funky to look at.

    If its for your girl, why not a Mojito. I had a black 150cc one up until a year ago and chicks loved it. Very cool.