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Italian Vespa

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by salva, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Hi guys
    Im relatively new in this web, to be exact just 30 sec.
    and so i need a little help from you out there, I have been to Italy recently,from my unkle i have been given an old Italian Vespa 50 ccm.
    All in parts! So i send it to Australia....im planing to restor it my self (which i previously used to do for friends)....I have heared that with a simple car license you should be able to drive 50ccm in australia aswell,so til here is al goood....
    THE PROBLEM IS GETTING THE SCOOTER REGISTERED!!!!.....i have seen driving a similar model in Sydney, and i thought that it might easy but from reading the net i got a little confused.....do i need to install blinker on my old model?...i feel that it would dammage the estetic of my Vespa!!!....can i prevent it?
    By the way Its a Vespa Special 50 ccm. They are very hot in Italy to becouse they are hard to find....especialy in good condition.
    so please if anyone knows anything, let me know what the options are.
    thanks Salva :(

  2. Hey Salva and welcome,

    You first need to go to the bottom of this page and check the Forums Terms & Conditions for posting. One of the first tips you'll get is to post first in the Welcome Lounge and to fill in your profile. That way we will know which state you are in, as laws changes from state to state..

    Now i presume you are in sydney, so have a look at these links:

    good luck!!!
  3. What year is it?

    There are different registration requirements which depend on the year the bike was made. If it was made after 1980 or so, and does not have a compliance plate, then you will have expensive problems.

    And if you are in NSW you will need a motorcycle license.


    Trevor G
  4. very cool.

    had me the accent going while i was reading the OP.:)

    my dad rode a vespa in the "mother country." since getting into bikes i've often thought about shipping it over here for some restoration.

    wouldn't go about making it compliant, just have it as a show piece in the corner of a room or something.


    so, was this shipped in a wooden box? by air, ship? roughly, how much was it to get sent here?
  5. Have you got a Vehicle Import Approval from DoTars? If not, you will never get the bike licensed in Australia.

    If you have got the import approval, the machine will need to comply with either:-

    For a post 1969 bike, the Australian Design Rules applicable at date of manufacture and (where an ADR requirement is not specified) your State's Vehicle Standards Regulations. The ADRs can be downloaded from the DoTars website. Your State's requirements will be available online too.

    For a pre 1969 bike, only your State's Vehicle Standards Regulations apply.

    Your best bet is to contact your local licensing authority though. You may not get the answers you want, but they will have a better chance of being right than answers from anywhere else.
  6. Thanks Guys
    I really appreciat all your answer.
    Even do i`m a little scared to continue the process, ...of restorin and rebuild it.
    Well yeah the pece of wreck was in parts, it wasn`t a whole vespa when i posted it to Australia i still keep buyin parts and peses to complete it, the only thing that i dont know is : when it arrived in Australia they kep it in quarantaine , and it cost me $50 to decontaminate it other weise they would off had it destroyed.
    Is that like an import approval or does it not count at all?...to thous that like to know it Parts of the freame cost me 241 euro from florence Than i had lots of parts of the engine which was another 115 euro And then the fork that holds the front tyre was another 100 euro.
    so as you can see i didnt import the whole Vespa?!?!? i wonder if that makes any difference with the authoroty???...but all parts are original!....so if you have any news or know how to please just contact me im really desperate to know.
    Thanks to all again :cry:
  7. Buy the way ...i almoust vegot
    All this parts have been posted in a normal Carton Box From post in Florence.
    They told me that it will go Buy ship, but it toock approx 10 working days to get here, so i guess that they throw it on a plane after all.
    the same thing they say when you post letters and so on... Remember Choosse always the simple way of posting items, it will go anyway buy Airplane especially if it has to travvel across The ocean.
    Cheers :wink: