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Italian Scooters - Who has one?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Duffman, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. hi mf, i have 2 italian scooters; a 50cc benelli 491RR and an Aprilia SportCity 200.

    I very much like the SportCity, i reckon its pretty much the perfect urban scooter. Having said that, i reckon within a couple of years i will get a geared bike, as the urge to do some long distance touring is building.

    But back to your question...
    the SportCity is great. Very good performance up to about 90km/hr then performance drops off a bit up to 110km/hr and beyond. Thats why i say it is great URBAN scoot. Nice and narrow so slipping in and out of traffic is easy as, yet much bigger than the 50cc scoots. Has nice big wheels (15in) so is pretty stable for a scooter and power to burn.

    Just depends what you are expecting i guess. If you want to stick with a scooter, then i strongly recommend the SportCity, i think its the best scooter i've ridden (and i have ridden many many scooters).

    Let me know if you want any more info,
  2. I got a sportcity as well. Bought it for my wife for xmas, but found to my surprise that I quite enjoy riding it myself especially around the city. I have no problems with taking it on highways even two up. I like it's size and 15'' wheels. It's my first scooter and I never realised until I got it how much work riding a croutch rocket actually is (comparing to scootering around).
  3. I'm riding a bolwell 150 at the moment, but got my eyes on a sportcity. They look good and I reckon the extra power will be handy
  4. Piaggio (they make vespa)

    Mines an Italian Maxi Scooter
  5. Vespa PX200. Great little thing for inner city.

    Just bought a sportster for long country trips today for restoration hoping its not going to be a money hole
  6. Hi MF,

    Like DrChip I ride a X9 500 also. I've test ridden the Sports City at the scooter shop I call my second home. It's a hoot. If I were to compare it to a sports bike I'd say it was similar to a Buell. Weight feels like it's all down low in the middle. Shift a cheek to one side and it 'corners like it's on rails baby'.

    I'm pretty sure the engine is sourced from Piaggio and is the same as in the GT200 and half the other 200cc scooters being made at the moment. Reliability should be good.

    The only reservation I have with Aprilia at the moment is the distributor. I've had dealings with them for accessories and they are so slack. Sent me the wrong goods and said they'd swap them and after many calls and emails back and forth, still haven't been satisfied. I was going to be a good customer and buy a couple of bikes they import (Aprilia, Guzzi) but think I might just stick to other brands I have had good luck with.

  7. The X9 is fantastic. I didn't know how well it would go on the commute up and down King St (Newtown, Sydney) but it fits in just as well as my Speedfight did. The mirrors are raised up high so they fit over the top of the cagers mirrors. The ride is a bit lumpy at low revs but you get that from pretty much all single cylinder bikes in this range.

    Pricewise I got a really good deal on a demo. I don't think they're that popular as they're in between what most people are looking for in a scooter and what they want from a road bike so dealers usually want to offload the demos when they get a person interested. If you can haggle, you can get a good deal.

    I test rode the Nexus also and found that it made me feel sick. I think it was the screen position. Perhaps if it was adjusted then it may have been better. I prefer that the X9 has more of a step through. If I fill up the underseat storage (which is HUGE) I can still use the bag hook effectively.

    I use the headset to listen to the radio on every ride, even if it's just to the shops. I'm trying to find the time to pull the covers off to plug in a cable for my iPod and maybe even fit some external speakers.

  8. Those mojito's are pretty neat. Isnt that what me old mate Jamie Oliver rides?

    Seen plenty of them about on the road, infact ive seen plenty of people riding them trying to look like Jamie Oliver for that matter. Still nice looking things and it has a huge ass which I like lol :cool:
  9. So whats the bunse on one of those things?
  10. I hear you mate. JSA never fail to amaze me with their terrible customer service. They have much to learn in terms of customer relations!
  11. It's not the Italians, it's the bloody simpletons that work out at Milperra!!!

  12. Hahah - waiting ... did I hear you say waiting .... good luck champ, you'll have better luck getting a counterfeit on in Bali .... LOL
  13. Maybe I am ... maybe I'm not :)

    Yep ... so I take you visited Freedom Town ??
    What did you think it was back there, a game of dominos ... ???

    From Cuva ... long time ago ... you got the wrong guy mayke, I have political assylum ...
  14. Cocahena ... whaaa ... u keeedin me ???
  15. no worries mate. happy to help.
    happy scooting. :p
  16. OK OK.. this is getting interesting isnt it. you guys talkin yayo now yeah. Well tell ya what, I know a guy named Frank that might be able to help you out. If you like I'll go speak to Frank.. personally
  17. Hey u know Frank huh? I always thought his rule number 1 was to never get high on your own supply. But I havent seen him in a while so I could be wrong
  18. What is a hassa mf, tell me?
  19. You've just about created a new record, mf, 54 posts in 7 days and a warning already!