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Italian Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kaitlyn, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I was recently in Italy & found it amazing how riders over there will drive on the white line that divides the on coming traffic from the other side.

    And its not just a select few doing it, nearly every rider was in the middle of the road cruising along not bothered that traffic having to swerve around them on either side.

    And as they say when in rome do as the romans i guess :grin:

    What do u guys think about this kinda thing? Any similar experiences abroad of riders getting this kind of treatment on the road?
  2. Italy is different, isn't it.
  3. No need to be so condesending jeez :roll:
  4. I lived in Italy for seven months (actually, that's where I got interested in owning a bike...a Vespa). One thing I can say, drivers there are a heck of a lot more alert than here! Very noticeably so! I guess you gotta be, when everybody is acting like a crazy Italian around you!! :p
  5. Wouldn't try it here, good way to get dead.
  6. Same result there too, mate
  7. It's a different road culture - comes from having 12 times the population of Victoria squashed into an area of something only a little bigger than Victoria.

    For one, traffic light ettiquette is miles different to Oz. Here, light goes green, first cars move, then the next row, then the next row, then the next row and so on... till the lights go red. In Italy, when the light goes green, EVERY car moves forward till the light goes green.... it's an F1 GP start! lol.

    Riding on the white line or GP starts wouldn't work in Oz....

    So, how long were you in Italy Kaitlyn and if not too personal, why? (Outa curiousity, the blokes there have a very different culture to Aussie guys so how'd you handle their very forward cheeky style? lol "Ciao Bella biondina!! Quando si bella! Come' si chiama bella?")

    One day I'll go and take a loooong look at my heritage there... sigh
  8. If your taking about splitting on the center lines/middle of the road. Yeah i do it alot. Its like splitting with the same direction traffic except if you stuff up with distances and gaps you really feel it.

    Being able to do this with easy has saved my life on more then one occasion.
  9. Ive never ridden a bike in Italy but the car was by far bad enough !!!!

    Paris was an interesting experience too. It seems that you just see a gap and go for it, road rules dont count !!

    Driving in Europe is definately a lot different than here, which is exactly why I dont think I would even attempt riding the bike there......

    England was bad enough. Just the sheer number of people cramped into a small place makes the roads hellish !

    I definately feel much safer riding the bike here in Melbourne, apart from the occasional idiot cage driver that we all come across.......
  10. Yeah, Europe is a bit :? in places, Italy was bit of a self fullfilling prophecy really I found-had a rep among the english as crazy drivers/riders and wadaya know :roll: kinda like when road rage, was all the rage, on ACA and in the media spotlight-whalah :furious: everyone was road raging everywhere you went.
    S.E. Asia is my favourite, rules are
    Black stuff(bitchumen) means go anywhere you like
    fast as you like
    whenever you like
    Horn-use as much as possible :driver:
    Give way to no one-unless there bigger than you and think they might hit you :nail:
    Far as road rules go, thats about it really
  11. Interesting stories everyone :)

    I was in Italy in August as I have family over there. I saw a lot of the countryside and it was so beautiful.

    Although they drive on the other side of the road so I found myself in the fast lane on the highway wondering why everyone was swearing in Italian at us!! :LOL:
  12. go to indonesia......

    cagers are always at fault when crashes happened no excuses.
    cagers always look 3-4 times before they turn because of the above.
    heavy traffic, because of that almost 95% of the bikes are scooters.

    go into the freeway.... there are no speed limit. is that a good thing or bad?
  13. When a friend went to Italy the guy she was staying with highsided really badly, but just picked it up and kept on his way.