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Italian Motorcycle boots - big Sale

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NSSherlock, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Diadora Touring $99 includes postage
    Diadora Planet / Forma Poker $59 includes postage

    Image of the Touring which is the Forma Poker - boots you get will have the Forma brand label:


    Giving a heads up on some boots I just bought similar to ones I bought over a year ago.
    These are Diadora Touring Motorcycle boots but are now branded as Forma. Buy Forma Touring directly from their store and you are paying $199.

    Diadora are an Italian sports shoe/boot manufacturer with a very long and great reputation. Seems they no longer make Motorcycle boots and their is a runout on what they have. For $99 you can't go wrong.

    Purchased a pair last night based on my experience with the Diadora Planet Motorcycle shoe over a year ago and wanting a bit more in the ankle at times. The Planet are excellent quality. Youtube review on the Diadora Touring says the same. They are actually sold out of the Diadora Touring but give you the Forma Poker which is exactly the same boot.

    The Planet is still also available at (now) $59 (that's a steal) but only in small sizes that would suit ladies. You can wear the Planet all day without any issues.

    I've had experience with this seller before and all is good.

    No way affiliated with this seller - just giving a rec on excellent quality boots.

  2. These just arrived and I am fair dinkum amazed with the quality.

    As mentioned above, they sent the Forma Poker boots for the special price of the Diadora Touring. I had thought the 2 boots were exactly the same but the blurb with them says they are made in the same factory as the Diadora but to a higher quality specification and with CE approval that the Diadora doesn't have.
  3. I can't fault these at all. They took a bit to get used to and wear in but have been great.
    I could walk in these for a while with no issue.
    I'm sure you will be happy with them once you get used to them.
  4. Just purchased the 747-Moto shorties, will see how they are.
  5. Ordered tuesday morning, came wednesday arvo.

    Now to do some riding
  6. Thanks for the post. I picked up a pair of the Forma Poker's on Monday from their warehouse. I'll let you know how they go.
    FYI - I normally wear an 11 or 12 in most shoes / boots. Tried their 45 (11) but it was too tight. The 46 (12 ) is pretty good.
  7. Where's the warehouse? Might be worth a looksee.
  8. Based on their web store, it's in Seymour.
  9. It is in Seymour, Wallis St.
    It's not much to look at though. Just a display wall of boots. They are an importer / warehouse.
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  10. Thats almost half a day ride from where I live. ;)

    Let's see. Am thinking of upgrading my boots.
  11. How did the shorties workout?
  12. Well, dunno. They are still sitting on the shoe rack, just cant bring myself to wear in new boots, so still using my old faithfuls. Should try em soon, as I'm still just using thick work boots, hence why I bought em in the 1st place.
  13. I just ordered a pair
  14. I just ordered a pair of the touring boots hopefully they're allright. My first boot so they're better than nothing (you'd hope anyway)
  15. Just got the shorties and very comfortable.
  16. Looking at getting a pair of the shorties as well, was just wondering if either pjcliffo or gooza would recommend them?
  17. I've been very happy with my Forma Poker touring boots.
    No complaints so far and they get a bit of wear when I'm on longer rides.
  18. Synthetic leather = Plastic. Not exactly a quality boot.
  19. Which ones ?
    Yes, the Forma Poker is just a touring boot, and it's only synthetic. It was also only $90 per pair.
    They do have the full range, and for an extra $100 you can have full leather. If I was using them every day, and had to, then I'd be going with better ones, but I get to choose when I ride so don't have to worry about the difference too much.
    Just saying I thought they were good value, and have had no problem with them so far. European sizing though so add 1 size to what you'd normally get.