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Ita Buttrose Australian of the year. What is this crap and who foots the bill ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vmaxer, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/national/ita-buttrose-named-australian-of-the-year-20130125-2dbxo.html

    AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR ? Ita come fcuk me Buttrose ? WTF is this shit ?

    Haven't we all contributed, given some more than others, but all citizens have contributed to this great nation. Yet pomp and ceremony along with lavish government spending single out one individual who history will probably show as being something totally other than the image portraid. A cock sucker ? A fornicator ? A complete and utter biatch ? Probably all true, so now cocksucking get's big awards......come om Tim tell us who get's on top in the multi million dollar residence you pricks hang out in.

    Ita Buttrose ? Did she help the poor, the afflicted, the old and infirmed ? Or did she help herself ? Fcuken bullshit with the award announced and given by the biggest fcuk up ever to be imported to these shores.

    Stick it up your arse.

    The Maxer :peace:
  2. You'd maybe prefer an overpaid footballer?
  3. What's the matter, did she reject the knitting pattern you submitted to Women's Weekly?

    It's a meaningless award from a meaningless award organisation. Get over it.
  4. not giving it to a prominent woman would be chauvinism wouldn't it?
  5. Terrible article. Who gives a shit about her nail polish?

    The woman who, as editor of the Australian Women's Weekly, liked to catch the bus to work because bus trips were an excellent time to read and touch up nail polish. The lady - because she is a real lady - whose brains and strength of character saw her become the first female appointment to the News Ltd board....


    There hadn't been a female winner since Fiona Wood in 2005, and it was time, some people have been saying.

    As a woman, I'm offended she may have got this award cos it was time a woman won it.

    Patronising, condescending, irrelevant twaddle.
  6. at least its better than Dean Jones as Father of the year... although technically... didn't he just double his eligibility?
  7. From the article you linked...

    So I'm gonna say the answer is "Probably, yeah."

    Now let's get back to talking about, you know, motorbikes and shit, k?

    EDIT: Thanks to you, I have this song stuck in my head, so now you can too.

  8. Ita may or may not be the most deserving, she is definitely in the class of people who get such awards (double entendre intended) . It is irreverent. She got the award for being a chick.
  9. I saw a snippet of her acceptance speech this morning where she stated she was going to use the position to "reverse ageist attitudes in this country". I found that somewhat ironic given the vast amounts of plastic surgery she's clearly had trying to look younger than she actually is.

    But I guess this means Cleo will have to start using 70 year old models on the front cover, since their age is apparently no longer a reason not to use them ;).
  10. well she is an inspiration to younger corporate climbing women to suck more cock and take it up the ass.
  11. Bordering on digging up old threads here , sorry. But a relevant thought occurred to me while sitting at the lights bored. If Ita can get a a jersey for this for doing whatever she does I reckon there a couple deserving members of this forum who we should nominate next time - in particular the guys who selflessly run the learners sessions here. I only have experience with the Sydney ones, but Tim (OzYoda) puts in a lot of time and has for many years... probably equivalent people in other states worth nominating.

  12. charity work is 100% tax deductible. so besides any perks she may get from being "president" of a charity foundation, she is also double dipping.

    so the answer would be "probably, no. as long as there was something in it for her"
  13. Agree with much of the sentiment in the comments here, but keep any slanderous and offensive bits out of it, folks.
  14. Even worse is Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.......I mean WTF................
  15. got a link?
  16. Google obama wins and nobel peace prize...................it was pathetic, just because a black American president comes in power. There are far more deserving people all around the world.
  17. #18 CrazyCam, Feb 1, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2013

    Yeah, he had only just got into office at that point, and hadn't done anything.....
    not that he's done much since then either.

    OTOH, I was pleased to see that Helen Zorbas got an Order of Australia award.

    Never heard of her.... feel free to google.
  18. yeah Helen was a good choice.
  19. I'd love to contribute something clever and insightful, but as always when Ita is mentioned, I just can't get past her surname and the images it conjures... Butt! Rose!!! People, has there ever been a more unfortunately named celebrity? I can't think of one.