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It was meant to BE

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Siwagod, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Just went for a smoko at work and was standing near all the bikes when I looked at mine and noticed my number plate for the first time. It's ???14.
    When I did my training course at HART I was assigned a bike with plate ???14.



  2. [​IMG]
  3. #3 smileedude, Mar 18, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
    As long as it wasn't ???37 or it would blow @robsalvv 's mind.
  4. 42 and I would have burst my spuds.
  5. I know a guy who burst a spud. Jumped his BMX, feet slipped off pedals on landing, landed on frame; burst a spud.
  6. Gah! My old rego plate started with BJ o_O
  7. Bad Juju?
  8. So the last two digits are 14 on both bikes? That's a one in 100 chance. Lets ask another 99 people and see if their first two bikes had the same last two digits...

    Unless the 14 is important for some other reason? I can think of a few rude comments here...
  9. Thanks for wandering into my friend camp and pissing on my camp fire.

    Statistical chance has nothing to do with it. It's f*cking magic.
  10. Oh cheer up. You've got the prettiest tutu on here.
  11. yeah bro
  12. :love:

    Srs, how good is it to be called a bro by anons.
  13. Magic is that you haven't been flamed yet for posting in the wrong forum. And it is always a pleasure to piss on a campfire.

    The thing I really don't get about your original post is that you didn't know your own number plate until you looked at it at work.

  14. I thought the magic was that he could remember the number plate on the HART training course.....MAGIC.... sounds like the Rainman
  15. When the dudette and I were looking for our first car we stumbled across the exact model of car we were looking for on her street with a for sale sign. The number plate had my 3 letter initials (1 in 17000). We called up the guy and it turned out to be someone the dudette went to school with and knew really well. Shove your 1 in 100 chance coincidence up your butthole.

    Although now regrettably I look like a wanker with a personalised number plate.
  16. It's a pub, you talk shit in a pub.

    Bikes less than a week old and I know my #plate. Wasn't until I was idly staring at it that I remembered the training bikes plate.

    No need to be so grouchy all the time old mate. Or are you just the old pisser who hangs around the bar all day spilling his beer on the townsfolk?
  17. Waiting to pee on unsuspecting campfires.

    Thanks god he hasn't been eating asparagus.
  18. You just ramped it up from local irritant to state pedo.
  19. :bolt: