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It was HOT today.Short Zap to cool down,

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by deadman, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. It was hot today, so I toddled off for a quick little ride to cool down in the late afternoon,
    Fired up the Bird and it was nice and cool even before I got out my drive,

    So off through Mt Evelyn, Belgrave, Emerald, Cockatoo, Woori Yallock, Warburton, Reefton, Marysville, Blacks Spur. Healesville, Lilydale, Home,

    Cops were packing up in launching Place, Po Po Palace. about 5 carloads, So I knew the roads were pretty clear.

    205 Klms round trip, Solo, What a buzz, Not a vehicle of any kind on the Reefton, Loved it,

  2. Well done Brian, late arvo is great. What time did you leave? May go today myself but I'll have to hang about in Warburton for a few hours till the popo leaves.

    Must admit I've never seen them in Launching Place, was it at the station?
  3. At the station, Just going off shift, about 7 PM ish,

    The road is wet once you hit the yellow centre lines.

    Nice and cool tho, I only had a T shirt on.
  4. would have been a cool around the nether's deadman, was there any tank slappage? 8-[8-[
  5. Trust you to pick that up. Hahahahahahaha

    Boots, jeans and T shirt. and the Mandatory lid, Clear glasses,

    Did I mention that I also had socks on under my boots,

    By the time I got home, The front of me was bugs, Zillions of them, Very dead,

    Now I am going to get hounded by the Greenies because I killed all those bugs,
  6. I rode through Olinda, Emerald, Gembrook, Launch Pad and Warburton and didn't see a single VicPol. Was between 9-1pm. Got to Warburton and my mate said it was too hot to take on the Spurs and Kinglake before heading back to Melbs. We had full leathers on and were only supposed to ride Mt Dandenong before coming home.

    I figured it was too hot for the PooPoo today.
  7. they were on $strait today
  8. We did the opposite. Was supposed to head down towards Warragul/Poowong after Noojee be decided to head back over the spurs to Lake Mountain instead..
    It's actually a lot cooler up there on these days and I think was the best move...

    Yep, cops were on both spurs but it was hardly the huge presence we've seen in the past...
    Then again, all it takes is 1 cop to f&ck up your day...