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It was freakin' chilly this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. I think I'm gonna have to get some non-perforated gloves and put the liner back in my jacket :-s

  2. Fantastic isnt it.

    I can wear full leathers in comfort and huddle up to the 1.2 litre blast furnace underneath me.
  3. Thermal underwear. If it this cold before winter, it may be something to consider getting.
  4. yeah very cold tell me about it i was on my push bike last night had two jumpers on and still cold.
    now i have to go again and do another 12 km and its not warmer.
  5. 4:30am heading from Cessnock to Newcastle im here to tell you... Im wearing...
    Thermal shirt, work shirt, jumper (because i dont have a winter jacket yet), mesh jacket with windproof liner (kinda warm), underwear (needed to know that...), work pants, draggin's over the top, winter socks, dririder winter gloves (forget which ones), and a balaclava with a windproof liner.

    I get to work and im still 3/4 frozen, mainly for the crisp fog/mist in the air most of the way. Once im past the mountains and on the coast area though its usually 5 - 10c warmer.
  6. beaut day in Sydney today, bike got a workout
  7. I must confess I waited till after 10 to head up to TFRPS, and, as usual for this time of the year, it was heaps colder there, had a warming coffee and headed home.
  8. Apparently it was 2 degrees when we left Omeo this morning - brisk!
  9. Such blue sky - Down through the Nashie to watch people jumping off the cliff with thin bit of material to hold them up, through the 'gong then up & over to the RPS for a pie & coffee. Home via Bowral and a freeway blat in the fading light. Glad I found my neck sock under the seat, a bit chilly without it :)
  10. 17 deg C forecast for Melbourne tomorrow, with showers...brrrr... I'm not used to these temperatures, I tell ya !
    All suggestions above very sound. Thermals on the 'to-buy' list, methinks.

    2 deg, Holster ???? Man, I bet the hot air from the exhaust/s was, at last, a very welcome necessity ! Overnighter ?
  11. Only just made it home...what an awesome day....little cold now though!
  12. I love this type of weather!! Can't wait to be out riding in it!
  13. And can someone tell me how come the oven around my feet that bakes them till the skin turns crispy in 25C warmth doesn't do anything to keep them warm once the weather turns cold?
  14. Carn ya softcocks!

    Think of it as Icicle Ride Training 2010!
  15. Yep, Hailing on Hotham on Sunday night too. Rest assured kittens were killed as soon as we hit dry roads on both days :D
  16. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ! :beer:

    By the way Holster, your avatar is a very real thing in my day to day work. Just as we are about to return to terra firma, an automated voice calls me a 'Retard, Retard'.
    First time I heard it, I almost told 'it' to f$%* off :)
  17. I picked my avatar because my non riding friends said I was retarded when they found out I was getting a bike (i'm a bit of an unco).
  18. The cold weather only makes you appreciate the good stuff even more :)

    Givers you something to look fwd to as well...... SPRING

  19. Yea it was a rather chilly day in QLD also... bit nippy with 30degrees clear blue skies and a slight headwind. Tyres got a fair bit of useage :D
  20. I found something like a chill on my arms on my commute to work at 7 am. QLD cold weather is terrible. :p