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It was a BMW

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, May 7, 2006.

  1. Stolen from here

  2. $US50,000 is a lot of money for a vehicle which takes AWAY the major enjoyable aspect of motorcycling (leaning into corners) and also takes away the major utility aspects of the car (cover in bad weather, space for more than one occupant, and storage space for luggage).

    Nevertheless it's a fascinating engineering exercise, not unlike the Ariel Atom, wouldn't you agree??
  3. Looks to me like the sort of thing that would be absolutely perfect for Gymkhana style events. Locking and sliding the rear end around tight corners would be far more feasible than with a bike - the small wheelbase and light weight would give it a big advantage over conventional cars. Not the most practical thing in the world, but for the sorts of people for whom $50,000US is small change it'd make a fun toy.
  4. Agree completely
    Incidentally, how's the kat after your parking lot encounter?
  5. Should have the bike back by next weekend, it only needs a days work but the mechanic has been flat out and hasn't gotten to it yet.
  6. :LOL: Just in time for the mild, friendly Ballarat winter :LOL:
  7. Yep, today's forcast - Rain followed by showers with possible hail, thunderstorms to follow, top of 11 (min of 2). Perfect riding weather :LOL:.
  8. I bet there's some wheelchair bound folks that would like one.

    Not everyone can physically ride a regular bike.
  9. A sidecar is better and a lot cheaper
  10. Yah I can't argue with that greenguzzi :)
  11. this fixes some of those problems

  12. Oh YEah, I saw film of this the other night on the teev, looks like a good compromise, as you suggest. BUT, would you be allowed to lane-split in it (would you be ABLE to?? :LOL: )
  13. Any readers of Rapid out there?

    There's been a few good chop-up combo's of bikes and cars recently. There was the Ludovic Lazereth creation (white thing... can't remember what bike it used but looked mean... i think it was an R1 with bits of Fireblade), then there was the Australian Spykster (sp?) with the innovative steering mechanism, oddly enough also a splice from an R1.

    That BMW monstrosity doesn't really look quite as innovative as the others, but congrats to anyone willing to chop up a perfectly good motorbike.