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It used to be VOLVO.........now????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Recently I have noticed a brand change from the traditional "worst drivers use Volvos" to others!

    I have noticed that the title is under threat from, in my opinion, Toyota Camry drivers.

    I was coming home really tired in the dark along the Wakehurst parkway the other night and this particular Camry was holding up the traffic.

    At my opportunity, I started overtaking (safely or so I thought!) the small line of traffic in one move until I got level with the rear of this mother f#$#ker in his Camry(head of the line), who decided to plant it and then slow and and plant it etc to keep me out on the wrong side for too long.

    Needless to say, oncoming cars etc etc and I bailed back behind him quickly! (hey, I haven't got a sports bike :LOL: )

    As it turns out, this is how he always drove (SLOW around the bends and then variable on the straights) and I don't even think he knew I was there, the ignorant @#$t.

    It got me thinking how the Camry, I think, has taken over the title of worst drivers

    (I must put my hand up here and confess that we own a camry, but DON'T drive it like a funeral procession and, as riders, we are very conscious of bikes etc and do drive it properly!)

    Does anyone else have nominations for brands that crap drivers use????

    Mitsubishi Magna also springs to mind!
  2. Volvo did have the title for a long time, but now i believe the most popular farkwit cager magnet is a Subaru wagon.
  3. As the proud owner of a 2000 Camry sedan, i take offence to this thread.
  4. Yep +1 for the Subaru - they also seem to be the most likely to be driving around 24/7 with their f&%king driving lights on.
  5. As much as it pains me, I gotta agree with DuHast. Subaru's are the new Volvo's
  6. i have only one thing to say about this ......

  7. Yeah, me too. I know I took offence to me posting this!! :LOL:
  8. Hey, don't rag on the Subaru drivers, I became one on Monday :p

    And the Avalons are worse than the Camrys, as they're more likely to have old people in them. The worst near accident and worst example of driving I've seen in recent memory was from a DC-plated (Diplomatic plates for you non-Canberrans) Avalon *shudders*
  9. Was he of any discernible cultural background that may reinforce a modern stereoype?

  10. also the 80's magnas and galants...
  11. Enjoy the stigma :LOL:
  12. To bikes there may be one or two noticeable car types as bad, even ethnicity is getting closer to the nail (as i was standing at the Glen near the cinemas watching the traffic go by and OMFG was there a trend)...

    But to the point; I hate soccermom's!!!

    Def: A woman that drives a 4WD or something that resembles one (Rav4, the pretend 4WD), esp one that doesn't know how to use it...

    and while we're on it, get rid of 4wd styles anywhere within 20km of the CBD... :evil:

    EDIT: a Suby Forester is also included :p
  13. I have a 2003 model. Don't take offence. Take aim.

    And how can you take this guy seriously. His name's Kahler. If if was Bike-ler, maybe, but FFS, Kah-ler? :wink:
  14. Wonder what that says about me, being the driver of a '89 magna. :?
    That said, I make sure I use both hand when driving. One to scratch itchy spots, the other to tune the radio. Of course i've gotta watch what station i tune to, can't have any of that nasty pop centric crap like nova can I? :grin:
  15. I've got piles, but I don't go telling everyone about it. :roll:


  16. My right of reply!! :LOL:

    My daughter is the first girl born into the "family" in EIGHT generations.

    Hence the old german surname......................Oh and while I am at it, why am I the only netrider that has his real name for his username.................You are all a bunch of soft c@#ks hiding behind ya mums apron!! :rofl: :rofl:
  17. oh dear, its not looking good for me.
    I sold an 87 Magna to buy the Camry :shock:
  18. Sub forester is pretty bad. And of course the cheaper cars like corollas are usually pretty bad. Then again commodores, falcons, skylines, mercs and the like can be equally as bad.

    Yeh.. probably easier to talk about which cars can drive, as most can't.

    Its hurting my brain thinking of a type of car which is generally driven by decent drive..

    At a guess it would be the type of car more expensive than the average car, but not overly expensive such as a sports of luxury car. So maybe mazdas..

    But I'm sure someone will have bad experiences with every car.. just seems the slightly above moderate car price range would bring out a driver who cares about driving, but doesn't have a 'my car owns the road' complex.
  19. yeah, +1 for Camrys. Lethal, they are!
    The geriatric weapon of choice!
  20. Phizog,
    Sounds like all brands/models are out. What if Kawasaki made cars?