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It seems she has shaved

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, May 12, 2006.

  1. PNUT - you know what I mean :grin:

  2. Inside joke Doonks?
  3. not really, it was widely posted and debated here on Netrider mid last year. Not sure if I should plainly state the situation again, as it may cause some controversy. Suffice to say that she doesn't seem to entirely grasp the concept that having the bedroom light on with only a cane blind on the window doesn't hamper the emittance of light wave from said window allowing a clear uninterrupted sequence of observation :grin:
  4. where the hell was the phone call then huh :evil: :LOL:
  5. Oh im so happy for you Doonksy :twisted: NOT

    so im still waiting for that offer for a few of us to come over one night for
    "coffee and a chat about the nocturnal activitys of the bird life in you area"

    oh and may i say a worthy thread for my 1000th post as well

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    netrider N.I.P.P.L.E's are still alive and active

    :grin: :cool:
  6. Ooh, pervy shaven neighbour action.

    We like that.

    Result. Two tickets, please, and a six pack.
  7. Hahahaha thanks Doonks :LOL:
  8. I'm considering a P.P.P. night : Piss, Perv and Pizza !
  9. Will you be providing kleenex?
  10. If install grandstand type seating, provide drinking vessels, organise appropriate music, provide access to a 3/4 sized championship snooker table, the least you can do it BYO Gabardeen Coat and Tissues !
  11. Fair call, fair call, it just pays to ask. I've got an excellent yellow plastic raincoat all picked out, and two trouser legs that come up to my knees and tie on with string.
  12. get Foxtel onside and charge $50 for the event ?
  13. :shock: OMG .... ...... OMG .... :shock: ..... OMG .....

    Cant believe you didn't call an emergency party and invite all the interested individuals.... :cry: You dont love us anymore do you doonks :cry:

    Damn it, whats your address :p
  14. Pay Per View !!!!!!!
  15. i hope she waxed.

    shaving [-(
  16. can't actually tell from my vantage point. Either way you cut it, there's a clean, follicle free zone
  17. Did I also mention that she has long blonde hair ?
  18. you boys are sick.

    can you set up a webcam for those of us in different states?
  19. You mean Pay Perve View?!! :LOL: