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It`s now or never

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Billsy, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hi guys....got my L`s 2 years ago now and still ain`t got a bike....so now i`ve given myself the challenge of saving for a few weeks and buying an ol 250 and do a refresher course before i pick it up.

  2. 2 years n no bike damn u been wasting some quality riding time :grin:
    good lucky with it all lad
  3. Go for it...better late than never, and there's a few NRs up your way to catch up with, too :)
  4. Don't your L's expire after 9 months?
  5. 6 months. I guess thats why he needs the refresher :D

    Great that you're getting back into riding! Don't know how you could go without a bike so long after knowing its joys! ;)
  6. I did the L's test 3 weeks ago and they said 9 months. Perhaps that's just for SA?
  7. My learners permit is valid for 15 months, and I believe I can extend it for another 12 months without the need to take another test.
  8. Unless it's changed recently I'm pretty sure you can only get a 3 month extension. And there's a 3 month period between when the original learners expires and when the extension starts during which you're not allowed to (legally) ride - obviously to discourage people from taking longer than 15 months.
  9. You also need to renew the permit within nine months of the expiry date, otherwise you need to be re-tested.

  10. i`ll have 2 enquire about extensions up here...got my L`s in Bendigo and had them transferred to brizzy...will talk 2 QLD transport, but still would be more than happy 2 sit for another test :grin:
  11. Given my permit is approaching its expiry date you had me a bit worried. I've checked with VicRoads and as long as I don't let my permit expire I can renew it (once) for another 15 months. (phew!)

    If I let it expire for even just one day, then I need to have it for three months prior to being able to take the licence test.

    Anyway ... Billsy, good luck with the saving up for a bike.
  12. Hmmm nsw is 6 months then. Not sure about extensions.