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IT question :- to upgrade to IE7 or not?? What instead?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. I keep getting those Micro$oft update messages that IE7 is an available update.

    So far I've avoided updating mostly because I stumbled on a blog that gave a reasonable critique of IE7 and said that it was still undercooked...

    I'm interested in thoughts on IE7 and/or available browser options.

    I'm running windows XP home.


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  3. ...will the favourites copy straight over to firefox?...
  4. I use FF, but every now and then a page won't display correctly, but it is worth it for the added security/tabs etc.
  5. Try dumping Microsloth Windoze XP (Xtra pathetic) and go Linux. Use Firefox and you'll be a whole lot better off!!!! :soapbox:
  6. Hey slow... I've barely got a handle on xp... let alone going with linux!

    By the way, nice to see another AltonaMeadows person on NR. See ya at Willy coffee sometime?!

    On the topic of IE7, the blogger made mention that IE7 has an FF look and flavour since it's going tab windows... I guess that's the ultimate flattery... microsoft taking someone elses idea and replicating it...
  7. hey,

    why not try opera. very nice browser.tabbed browsing in place and all the rest of bells and whistles. give it a shot.
  8. 'sorrite, Linux is easier anyway (/me awaits the whiplash)

    Be careful of IE7 breaking stuff, we just had an issue today where that has happened. I like to call it DLL Hell.

    IE7 is just the newest version of M$s long running series of WCC defying browser. FF2 is closer to the mark, but Opera is what you need to use if that sort of stuff is important.
  9. +1 for firefox.

    windows will automatically keep IE6 installed so you can use that if you come across a page that wont display properly in FF you can just jump over to IE and try it.

    Want to know the best feature of the latest firefox???
    As i'm typing this reply, FF underlines every spelling mistake i make on the fly. No need to spell check.
  10. rob,

    this is only my opinion, and i may include lies and/or myths to prove the point of my choice :p

    i ditched IE a coupla years ago. the way i see it is, if edumacated nerds wanna mess with something and make a name for themselves, anything branded "Microsoft" will be a target.
    this is evident by the miriad of updates/service packs that your IE and outlook express (or similar) would have installed.

    generally firefox, or anything mozilla based (Flock, Mozilla etc.) has a better security management system. even if it is because of the lack of volume of attacks to it.

    there are other browsers out there, but basically, without getting technical - they are all a derivative of either IE or Mozilla.

    anything mozilla will diplay some pages incorrectly due to inability to understand codes that are microsoft specific/sponsored.

    anything IE will make your PC a target for trophy hacker-nerds
  11. Was going to put in a show this week but ended up flat out with work. will be up for a visit next Monday though.... trying to con the wife into coming now that she's got her L's.

    I took the dive into Linux and haven't looked back! Sharp learning curve but woth it! Having said that, a lot of the Uni's are now running Firefox as the default browser for the security as stated in other postings.
  12. id wait a bit so they can get a few of the bugs out (if there are any)

    Ive just converted to firefox and i think its the best move ive ever made. :roll:
  13. I have IE 7, it's unreliable as sh1t. going back to firefox.
    question though..... following direct instructions....... i still can't install the NR toolbar in FF2.I click allow etc. it just keeps on blocking it.

    oh and have you installed FF yet?? notice it only took a couple of seconds compared to anything MS taking half a f'n year to install??
  14. After getting more and more irritated with IE6, I switched to Firefox a couple of months ago.

    Works well, I like the tabbed browsing, no problems at all. :)
  15. Interesting stuff. Looks like the weight of opinion is against MS and IE7... which was predicatble. I think I'll have a look at FF. :)

    Thx folks! :)
  16. I'd hire Bill as a salesman. He made his riches selling inferior products. I wonder when I'll be able to buy an MSabswing 2000
  17. I also strongly prefer Firefox over IE, but as people have mentioned there are some pages that won't display properly in Firefox.

    http://www.quintrex.com.au/openboats.aspx <-- example (in fact lots of that web site doesn't work properly in Firefox, Opera or Safari).

    For web sites like that then I suggest the Firefox (and Mozzilla & Sea Monkey) add on called IE Tab, it will let you open a tab from within Firefox using IE for the specific poorly written website you need to access.

  18. The funny thing with these websites is that Firefox/Mozilla etc have it right!
    IE uses MS specific bits of code and lots of websites are made with MS Frontpage etc, thus lots of pages not working with Mozilla browsers. The actual standards used, html, etc are truely implimented by mozilla and derivatives...(well more "true" than IE).

    IT's basically a case of HTML being a standard....... but not for MS, they modified it to do what they want and expect other to use it.

    +1 on IE Tab. very handy