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IT Question: Forum Hosting recommendations for Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to set up a technical forum for Australia, for Equipment integrity and corrosion engineers. There's nothing that quite fits the bill that's Australian based that I can see.

    I suspect it'll ultimately get to about maybe 300 - 400 users if it takes off.

    So, for you guys in the IT know, I'm looking for some recommendations.

    I'm staying away from the "We'll give you a forum free if you let us spam your user base" type models. I see some Australian based forum hosters $<20/month... I'm hoping that my work company will sponsor it at first blush as a way of fostering networking and peer to peer communications.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate some guidance.


  2. I run a website for australian ice hockey that includes a forum with about 900 users. Im with a company called http://flexihostings.net.au/ - I have used many hosting companies over the years and these guys are by far the best that I have encountered.

    look into them if you like :)
  3. ilisys.com.au are brilliant. Just add your own forum. Or ask port for help setting them up.
  4. I should also mention that you can add the forum software amongst a lot of other add-ons at the touch of a button so if you aren't in IT etc then its easy to set up
  5. Does it have to be an australian ISP? We've used an american mob for ages and they've been pretty reliable (and way cheaper than anything in aus - with higher bandwidth etc).

    PM me if you want their name.
  6. aface, I just figure a local mob will cost me less in tech phone calls and since the expected traffic will be low, local will be a good starting point. But by all means post up the site.

    Port/Polowski, thanks for those suggestions... I'll check 'em out... BTW, I'm glad you responded Port - you were on my list to call! :)
  7. I've got a few sites with forums ( about 2,500 users on the busiest one ) hosted at Netlogistics (sydney based server).

    Its very fast and their tech support is very quick and helpful.
  8. I have a couple of VPS's with them. I will second the above for their support and service.
  9. Pfft, they're internet companies, dont you know you wont be able to get a phone number, you have to log a job, and they'll get round-to-it... ;)
  10. .. or you could just post up in Off Topic right here :rofl:
  11. Yes indeed, and why not. Netrider isn't nerdrider for nothing you know!

    Thanks for the replies... I'll start having a look around. :)
  12. I use Siteground in the US for US$60 a year (which ain't as much as it used to be), and am absolutely stoked with them. 99.9% uptime or better (I've never had an outage), massive storage and bandwidth, heaps of apps included including the one I used to set up a forum in literally 10 min, and heaps more. I might sound like an ad, but I just use them and like them a lot.
  13. Check out the US hosting company A+ www.aplushosting.com they are excellent.

    I agree with others, why limit yourself to Australia? You can still get an Australian domain (.com.au) and just get someone like A+ to host your site.

    If you want an Aussie hoster, perhaps consider WebCentral www.webcentral.com.au. They host one of Australia's largest forums, www.whirlpool.net.au.