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IT query: Open Office - is it any good?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. To access the work IT system from home, I've had to download some Java platform stuff. Now I'm getting these little reminders that there' are java updates and that Java have "Open Office" "the global standard in free Microsoft Office compatible productivity software," available to me.

    I wanna know, is Open Office any good?

    I'm running Vista Home premium - just incase that's relevant...


  2. The guy next to me at work uses it by preference - loves it.
    (I don't use that stuff enough to care, personally).
  3. I use NeoOffice on the Mac and the biggest issue is it can't deal with all the styles and formatting that my clients insist on adding to documents.

    I'm about to see what it's like on the PC...
  4. Its great - especially since its free! :)
  5. Thanks guys... if I install it, do I open myself up to incessant Java spam?
  6. OO is, ok... There is a few compatability issues when moving a document back and forth from an Office product, esp the way they both do pictures in a word docco.

    If you already have MS Office, i wouldn't bother using OO. :)
  7. I used Open Office shortly at one stage. The only feature I liked was that I could save documents as a pdf. Apart from that, I prefer MS Office.
  8. True compatibility is the real issue, every objective test says that it can't import MS files accurately, and vice versa.
  9. OpenOffice.org is an outstanding piece of software all things considered. It is provided to the world without out licensing fee. I use it exclusively at the office, infact our whole IT department does. I'm yet to find something in day to day tasks that Oo_Org won't do. It's not perfect, in some ways beside cost & ethics its even better than MS Office.

    I send and receive clients on a day to day basis (to and from MS Office) and have had no issue with compatibility. I'm sure if you load up a document with WordArt or some crap it may not read it, but I'm yet to have an issue.

    Rob, put it this way, if you download it and install it ( <100mb from memory ) and you don't like it you haven't wasted much time or money.

    Get it from the source www.openoffice.org

    If you decide to go down the MS Office 2007 path let me know because you may experience some incompatibility issues between yourself and work / friends.

    If you ask me the real incompatibility issue lay with MS Office, I use OOXML as my example.
  10. i use it... it's fantastic. i prefer office but hey i love my open source....

    *minimizes paint.net, firefox, and opens OpenOfficeCalc*
  11. I second what other people have said.

    Admittedly it isn't as refined a product as the MS Office suite (in terms of usability, although Office 2007 changed that somewhat), however considering it's free, crashes a lot less than a NR L-plater and doesn't hog your systems resources.
  12. yep i use it.

    only issues so far are fancy scripted spreadsheets that use MS specific commands.

    Other than that... excellent
  13. Be aware that advanced formulae are different in syntax from Excel etc.

    If you are creating a pivot table, or a lookup search, the subtle syntax changes will drive you nucking futs!

    Converting spreadsheets from one to the other is NOT seamless!
  14. I use both. MS on the windoze desktop, OO on the Linux laptop.

    True the Excel nitty-gritty advanced user formulas have issues, but I have come across this with different versions of Excel too. (Guilty of being one of those lazy swines who uses Excel as a database, and has insanely-nested formulas, just coz I can...)

    Overall, I could live with OO exclusively tomorrow. Give it a go.
  15. +1 i use it at home and load it on every computa that i happen to fix. works farly well wiith MS point conversion aswell
  16. I use it on my Linux Laptop and find it a good stable package. I agree with the above points there are minor compatibility problems when you are using more advanced features. In most cases I have no trouble moving files back and forwards between Microsloth Office and Open Office. Occasional issues with layout occur between the two however.