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IT people - Router remote web management IP

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Hey all;

    I'm trying to access from router from the internet so I can change settings from work or whatever etc.

    I've changed the port number from 80 to a non-common number, changed the password and all that jigger - but the external IP is doing my head in.

    If I put my iPhone's 3G IP in, I can log in through the iPhone (wireless off of course) no problems.

    Years ago an old housemate once put a 'magic IP' in that let any external computer / IP address log in. All I remember is it had 203 in it??

    Does anyone know this magic number?? I've tried guessing but no luck... also, any word on subnet mask's?? I can understand IP's, subnet masks to date still confuse me.


  2. Log into your router, go to advanced settings or internet settings in the dsl menu, and get the ip address from there. (Providing that is you have a static ip address) Allow an external ip to access it, the one from where you're accessing from.
    Make sure any firewall you have allows your external ip address access, you may find it in the route table or access list depending on what router you have.
  3. Thanks T, I have a static and tried it but it didn't work. At the time my house mate had it running, I had a dynamic IP address that would cycle every few weeks yet never had problems jumping into the router from external computers etc.

    Just realised;

    router is D-Link DSL-G604T

    Here's a screen shot:

    Currently I have in there but that doesn't work. :(
    Any other ideas?? Thanks

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  4. That IP is the IP of the remote PC/network you wish to administer the router from.

    I suggest setting it to to allow anyone. Just make sure you change the password from the default.
  5. it won't accept as an input - displays an error. :(
  6. tried with subnet mask ?
  7. tried subnet and

    trying * (star) now...
  8. doesn't like stars... :( same "invalid input" error as
  9. Might be better off using a service like dyndns.com (my router (Dynalink) supports this directly maybe yours does??!.)
  10. Or contact your service provider and let them guide you step-by-step through such a setup.
    Even better: if you ask them nicely they might give you a public hostname gratis.
  11. i used to have a dyndns account - surely that wouldn't make a difference?

    At the moment I'm testing with my iPhone (wirelss off) and typing in

    http://IP: portnumber

    when I did that with my iPhone's IP in the box in question it worked - yet when I try and set up any form of universal IP it disagrees. :(

    Might see if I can boot up the dyndns account again.
  12. Ip address -
    netmask -
  13. YOu can assign any ip address you like to your router, it's the ISP that you have to get through to get into your router.
    You can't phisically tell the router to be and access it vias the internet as the DNS lookup table will point to the "registered" ip of However you can use various services via port 80 to use a socket to connect the pc to the remote router, pretty much what dyndns does, using it's own socket links. Another 1 is PC anywhere and all those sorts of programs if you're not familiar with configuring route tables in the router.
  14. IP and subnet works!!!

    THANKS LUKE and to all those who helped me!!

    I accessed the router from my iPhone no problems with the new dyndns host. Port 80 is forwarded to my machine for when I get the server back up so all good.


    Anyone know anything about getting "magic packets" through routers?? (WOL).
    I could always start the computer using a magic packet inside the network, just never from the internet. Do I need a bridge filter or something?/

    Thanks heaps again!
  15. I know what your referring to with DNS tables but I'm not trying to change the routers IP, I'm trying to access the router remotely, it the router was asking for a specific IP. This is useless if you want to access the router from more then one external computer. The magic IP I was looking for was which lets any external IP through.

    Thanks but. :)
  16. Ah, so your accessing INTERNALLY, not from an external network? sorry dude, my mistake.
  17. It's actually the subnet mask that's letting everything get through. I picked 'cos that was the sample in the router manual.


    what software will you use to send the WOL packet?

    try here:
  18. Nope, both ;) : port --is the internal access
    my IP / dys : port --- is the external access. The router needs a setting though. Read the first two posts about it, d-link are strange...

    Luke, I've got a few basic WOL programs and more importantly one on my iPhone. I'm more concerned about getting the router to allow UDP port 9 packets through, and more importantly, broadcast them over the entire LAN...
    any ideas?
  19. Yeh got it Brownny. Got a little confused. When someone asks a question I refer back to my days at cisco and think routers/firewalls/bridges and mutiple networks.