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It PAYS to watch your mirrors

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by taymaishu, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. This morning heading to work I was stopped in traffic on Willoughby Road, southbound.

    Watching the 4WD behind me, I saw the driver head down, clearly on his mobile (texting or reading emails). I kept watching and noticed him slowly moving towards me.

    Released my clutch and moved into a tiny spot between the two cars in front of me (couldn't get through as their mirrors were so close - hence why I wasn't filtering).

    He noticed me move at the last minute and jumped on the brakes, about 1m from the car in front's bumper.

    I looked, shook my head and he pretended to not see me.

    Lesson - WATCH those mirrors! And filter when you can :)
  2. Good to see you have learned your lesson from last time someone ran up the ass of you.

    yes looking in your mirrors all the time and scanning the lanes in front,behind,next to you... and filtering where possible are really important.

    only takes one idiot to ruin your day!
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  3. Haha yes! I have realised that just recently- I was stopped at a booze bus/roadblock just at the bottom of a hill, was talking to a female copper there when all of a sudden this lady flies through at 80, narrowly misses me [by narrow I mean like a metre distance tops] and the cops bail out of her way and start screaming at her to stop. I had no idea what had happened til she passed me.. Now I flash my brakes at intersections when cars approach, keep it ready in gear and always keep a look out :p
  4. These are the times you need a rear-facing machine gun.

    Nothing annoys me more than drivers who don't pay attention when they're driving. And that includes when stopped at lights.

    Texting, talking on phones, playing with GPS, doing make-up while stopped at lights ought to be a public flogging offense, along with a $10,000 fine.

    Yes. It sounds extreme.
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  5. Yes. Sounds extreme, but if it was to happen- it may [notice I say MAY because people are idiots] cause the population to think twice :p
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  6. not really that exreme, I'd vote for it.
  7. The problem is, it won't STOP them.

    For that, you need a 40mm grenade launcher. Any job worth doing....

  8. Thanks Mikey.

    I'm usually watching the driver out of paranoia! Haha
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  9. I had a car bump from behind while sitting at a red light. Got off the bike tapped on the window of the young woman putting on her makeup. She had not even noticed that she had taken her foot off the brake and bumped into my bike!! SMIDSY!
  10. All situations where before you blast away from the lights you drop an armful of caltrops down behind you.
  11. I'm paranoid about checking my mirrors. Mostly looking out for cops though as I'm always hammering along lately
  12. Helps when you can actually see through your mirrors. Mirror extenders have been my saving grace. Such a huge difference.
  13. I had an idiot cab driver give me a little love bump when i was waiting at an intersection. Put a few tiny scratches little scratches on my exhaust :( I noticed he had his mobile phone in his hand when i turned around to see what the hell happened.