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It pays to put the side stand down properly!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Well I've dropped my bike :(

    Pulled up, put the stand down went to get off the bike and it fell on top of me :? I don't even know how it happended. I'm ok, no damage to the bike except a small paint chip on the clutch lever end ball and the rear of the mirror is scuffed up.

    Even that has really pissed me off :mad: so I hate to think how you feel when you really scratch up your bike...

    I will get touch up paint for the lever (whats good to use?) and just deal with the mirror for now I guess.

    Keep tellin myself its a secondhand bike and not to worry about it...doesn't work though :roll:
  2. It happens mate. I did it the morning of the toy run. Lets face it, if we weren't prepared to see them fall at some stage, we'd get extra wheels fitted. :wink: :)
  3. Well at the very least you've gotten that "first drop" out of the way early, hope it's your last. Don't know about touching up the paint, I'm guessing it's an alloy lever in which case most car touch up paints won't bond particularly well without priming. Dodgy option - permanant marker, better option- find paint designed for raw aluminium (ie self-priming) and apply with a brush otherwise if it really bugs you pick up a replacement lever and keep the chipped one as a spare.
  4. If you paint it i bet anything you will break it with in a week, leave it unpainted and it will last forever :)
  5. Least you stoped the bike from greater damage by putting yourself underneath it. :p

    no burns ? are you ok ? :wink:
  6. Did exactly the same thing the other day ..........pulled up outside Jeffrey Honda thought id put the stand down... wasnt down all the way got off and the bike tipped lucky my leg saved it a bit only bent the gear lever and slight scuff on clutch lever, hurredly picked it up before any one saw ! first drop and fingers crossed the last !!
  7. I once pulled up at the side of the road put the side stand down and went to get off the bike. I'd stopped over a storm drain and the side stand went in between the slots in the man hole cover and even though the stand was down it just fell over as I got off. To make matters worse the stand was stuck down the grid and it took a heap of pushing and shoving to get the bike back up again.
  8. Ok here is a true story. Long long ago !!!! After I blew up my mate Ians gutless GSX1000 we were contemplating the rebuild and decided it would go better with beer. Ian jumped on his borrowed 250. I grabbed the VF and up the Maroondah to Croyden bottle shop we went. As we ockied the slab on the back I said "bet ya we get breathalised" Sure enough 100 metres down the road a cop steps out and waved us into the park where a booze bus is set up. We are both laughing hysterically. Ian kicks the stand down and swings of the bike and....

    you guessed it.

    Its a borrowed bike. The stand isnt in the same place. He has missed it totally and is now lying under the bike. The slab has come apart. Cans rolling around everywhere. And Ian is laughing far too hard to crawl out from under the bike

    I am having hysterics. I am hurting from laughing. I fall over and roll around on the ground laughing. I can;t stand up.

    The sargent comes over " I,m not sure I am game to test you" he says.

    It sets us off again. I am weeping with laughter I manage to yell "Book him Danno" and collapse again. All work has stopped at this booze bus. All the young coppers going WTF?

    We finally drag ians bike up. Young coppers picking up cans all over the place (Didnt get em all back either :( They brethalise ian. It reads 0. The copper looks at it; raises an eyebrow; goes of and brings another one back and hands it to Ian Which sets us off again. And some of the coppers.

    I dont remember but I 'think' they flat forgot to test me
  9. consider it your first battle scare

    it happens to all of us

    i dropped my first bike in a car park cause whilst practicing i tried to scrape pegs...scratched all the new paint work and broke the mirror..was heart broken for a while but u live and learn
  10. done it twice, the first day i got the bike and after getting home after the lane splitting protest ride this week, managed to get my body inbetween the bike and the ground so no damage, it makes you bloody paranoid though about checking the stand is down.

    my real concern is doing it when i have a 600 or 1000, i little harder to pick off the ground.
  11. Don't you hate that.
    Always leave your bike in 1st gear when on the sidestand. This will stop it rolling.
    And be very careful of sloping ground. I dropped a bike twice now, because by the time my foot reached the ground, the bike was way to far over.
  12. No good to hear buddy, least there wasnt much damage...

    I nearly dropped my bike the other week when i slipped on a pool of oil in me mates driveway whilst pushin the bike out... Just managed to hold it mm of the ground whilst revvin the guts out of it cause i was holdin to by the throttle :roll: Was pretty releived once id pushed it back up and put it on the stand... Seemed easy to lift back up at the time but i imagine that was becasue of a rush of adrenaline when i thought i was gonna hurt my baby :) ...
  13. I was in a carpark and after a brief attempt at trying to pick it up I got a bloke to help me....at 185kgs my bike is not light!

    used the heavy duty marker on the paint chip which hides it well.....mirror scuffing gives me the shits though :cry:
  14. 185 kg. Yes it is :)

    Ok its heavy compared to my pushbike.
  15. a week ago i was in a car park at moorebank shops near Liverpool, Sydney. I saw a military guy from holsworthy on one of there bikes. Dropped it trying to reverse it out of one of the parking spots.... Ouch!

    I’ve also done my bike, Oil and water does not mix. Slow speed. Not a good feeling..
  16. Ouch :mad:

    Yeh, it makes no diff if its new or old, esp if u keep ya bike spotless.
    Least not much damage done, so ya lucky.

    people have had bikes written off by insurers bc of a simple drop.

    Maybe you hadnt fully entended the stand??
  17. Not me mate :grin:

    I'm too careful & always dbl chk before I let go of the bike :p
  18. Yeah I almost dropped mine when I first got it, I was lucky and my leg caught it so only thing hurt was my calf... (1 sore leg + ok bike = me still happy chappy coz legs heal for free) and so now I always double check mine before I get off with a couple of kicks to the stand...
  19. Thats the way bro.

    Even after giving it a good kick, I'll still dbl check by looking down as well.

    I even carry a block of wood so if I have to park where its stony, gravel,
    muddy or uneven ground, I use the block of wood.
  20. Dont worry about it ive dropped it at the traffic light as well
    put it in neutral and was resting suddely my leg was too short and down i went (after splitting to the front, had a nice blond looking at me too :oops: )
    it happens to everyone so as long as the damage wasnt big its just a pride thing

    just be greatful u didnt come off at speed......