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It Never Rains But It Pours

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Last Thursday I found out at work that my current employers will not be requiring my services after November and, until then, they've only got 1 day per week for me (which, admittedly, will still pay me quite a bit more than the dole).

    Got home while still working out how to break the news to MrsB only to find her in a bit of a state 'cos she'd just received a letter from her dad, letting her know that her step-mum is in the later stages of terminal cancer.

  2. Cancer is a fcuking prick - all i'll say there.

    sorry to hear about all the bad news boss'
  3. All seems to come at you at once doesnt it? Hope your luck improves soon man.
  4. That sounds like a pretty crap day for you Pat.
  5. Sorry to hear that - what a bastard of a day. Still, less work should translate to more family time, which it sounds like you might be needing.

    All the best
  6. Chin up mate.
  7. Sorry to hear this news Pat. It sucks to hear this but things will turn around. Now is the time to call on family and friends for help and support.

    All the best mate
  8. So sorry to hear this Pat, you know you have any support you need from the Netrider community..
  9. That really sucks. Hopefully things will look up soon. There is work still going in WA, so at least that is on your side.
  10. Sorry to hear it pal, comes in waves doesnt it?
    Misery breeds, but you have each other and can push ahead together.
  11. Thanks for the moral support guys. The job thing isn't really that big a deal and was half expected, being a contractor. I've got a reasonably marketable skill set and I've already had a fairly promising lead so I should be able to snag something before the silly season sets in.

    The cancer thing is a bit more serious, though. MrsB is bearing up OK but it's hard, being on the other side of the world when shit like this happens. My own parents, at least, both had the decency to cop it suddenly and spare me the agony of maybe weeks of go-no go dilemma of whether to get on a plane to be there at the end. As it is, we've more or less decided that the best course of action is to wait until after the inevitable and then send MrsB over to provide her dad with a bit of companionship and support in getting his own life back to a degree of normality.

    Anyhow, thanks once again.
  12. Geez Pat.. sorry mate.
    Life and death is above us...but while we are still above ground, everyday is a new opportunity.
    Best of luck mate...who knows, maybe time to chase a dream?
  13. What a pia mate.
    The big c is never good especially when it's terminal. Add to that the patient is overseas as well. Bugger?

    Good luck and best wishes to your Folks in Law.

  14. I hear what you say Pat. Mrs Messy being from america is faced with the a similar situation. Her folks are in their 60s and arent of the best health. Its something we discussed and have made sure that there is funds in the kitty for her to jump on a plane back to the states at short notice, for any reason it may be necessary. She would have the support she needed when she got there, since id be unlikely able to accompany her.

    Good stuff on the work front at least! Dont suppose you know anything much about dredging do you? Might be an opening here towards chrissy as a 3 on 3 off (weeks) roster.
  15. No dredging experience I'm afraid but I've done some work with slurry pumps. I've been more in bulk materials handling of late.
  16. Nevermind.
  17. ^ WTF Lilley, I've heard some stupid shit in my time but....
  18. Hmm, yeh you may be right.
  19. ..Bugger!!... sorry to read about your bad news. Hope things get more positive for you soon!... (y)
  20. sorry to hear mate